Han Solo

Archetyp Spider
Attributes B2 A3 R3 S2 C2 I3 L4 W3 Edg2 Ess4,7 Init6 IP1
Skills Cracking Group 4, Electronics Group 3, Gunnery 3, Perception 2, Pilot Aircraft 3, Pilot Ground Craft 3
Knowledge Architecture 3, Breaking and Entering Techniques 4, Corporate Rumors 4, Matrix Games 3, Security Procedures 3, Security Systems 5
Qualities Natural Coder +2 Programming/Cracking
Implants Datajack, Control Rig, Simrig
Commlink Renraku Sensei /w Renraku Ichi, self pimped
System 4, Response 4, Firewall 4, Signal 4
Software Pro User+ set Analyse 4, Browse 4, Command 2, Edit 4

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Han Wu or Han Solo, as he prefers, is in his early twenties and has been one of the Nest’s hacker for years now, ever since he was a teenager.

Kimba is his girlfriend after they both were abducted by the Matrix Surgeon. He has a sort of long-lasting love-hate relationship with Aillén

Han Solo

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