Harry "Flamboyance" Brown

former wage-mage


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Harry “Flamboyance” Brown runs the bar at Rikki’s Rathole and works at the talismonger shop together with Elsie.

He’s not tall, but heavily build and he cultivates a very unique look with shoulder-length hair, a beard any dwarf would be proud of, muscle-shirt, buckled pants, heavily boots and a very fetching bright blue bowler hat. If you annoy him too much, he might just eviscerate you with his finger-armor rings. Or he may do pretty much the same with a scathing remark.

He does know what he’s selling, though, and if you are looking for rare books or a special talisman, then you could do worse than Harry.

The bar is not all that well frequented, but they do have regular customers. If you don’t mind the occasional rat (what, you thought the name was a joke?) then it’s a place to get drunk without getting into trouble.

Harry "Flamboyance" Brown

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