Jerry Dreamland

Simsense Producer


Jerry Dreamland is a shitheaded BTL Porn producer. His studio is an old trailer in the illegal Willows Run Golf Trailer Park in northwest Redmond. His fans followed his production to the park where he and his mates, BTL junkie starlets and technicians started the dream of becoming rich by BTL. It was a small enough operation to evade the police crackdown on the company, less because of their cunning sneakiness but more because they were mostly their best and only clients and little was heard of


Which was sprayed on Jerrys sky blue trailer in that little camp. A thirty to forty people were gathering around the producer, all of them BTL junkies on their burnout path, sharing the porn they were self-producing, in the beginning with their own starlets but after the last starlet died and was disposed into plastic barrels that were dumped in the artificial lake that surrounded their camp, they started to use externals.

Which means they abducted nearby streetwalkers and raped them to death. As long as it gives a good clip it’s worth the sacrifice of a human life, not just much different from the usual entertainment industries, just “a bit more literal, a lot more truthful”, like Jerry put it.

After the Raid

The police raided the camp after Babsie and the Working Girls tipped them off that they were raping and disposing street girls at the end of the Golf Course Twist at March, 8th 2071.

The folks living in the camp got arrested and accused for first degree murder. Just the producer Jerry Dreamland got scot free by company lawyers of Hollywood Simsense Entertainments who managed to get the rights to the story of Jerry being abducted by a horde of mad BTL fans and was force to produced BTL to fulfill their needs. Their story is that Jerry managed to get free himself, overwhelming his capturers single-handedly getting off the camp in a blazing firefight and calling the cops from a commlink he managed to bargain against his self built crossbow he managed to build from electronic spare parts and digital tape.

The company took him under their wing since and started a PR campaign for his next Simsense Multi-POV blockbuster “The Barrens Golf Course – Assault on Hole 13”. They managed to get force the producers rights on the found BTLs in his van, that will serve as ‘authentic’ clip-ins in the new production after they got freed from the evidence room. Cleaned up a bit, of course and totally legalized.

Casting negotiations have already started.

The companions of Jerry are detained in the detention center of Hollywood Correctional Facility until prosecution. Jerry himself is free and brought to an undisclosed luxury rehab center, covered by HSE bodyguards.

Dadson Vision Entertaiments from Everett claimed in a newsflash that they are already producing a story that covers the same material, but for a high class production audience under the working title “The Golf Trailer Park – Screaming Chips”. Hollywood Simsense Entertainment threatens to sue DVE if they violate their rights on the story. “We based it on an event that happened in LA a few years ago”, a DVE spokesperson announced. The company getting the clip out first will cash most of the money, an insider leaks.

Meanwhile the forensics department still tried to identify the sixteen female corpses found on site.


“What do you want? I give the people what they long for. I’m just serving the need.”

“Those junkie whores would not survive the streets longer than a few months anyway. I make them immortal. That’s worth it.”

“Step back, punk! This is my land. Dreamland. Eat shit!”


Jerry Dreamland

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