Joanna "Dee" McKenney

Hacker Female Human


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Archetype Hacker
Gender female, 17 years old (2071)
Race Human, Caucasian
Qualities Chatty(+2 Matrix), Codeslinger(Attack) +2, Media Junkie(2), Sinner, In Dept(100k, Yakuza)
Attributes B2 A3 R4 S2 C2 I3 L4 W3 E2
Ess 5.7 Ini 7 IP1, Matrix-Ini 9 IP 3+1
Box Physical 9, Mental 10
Skills *Athletics 1, Blades(Knife) 1, Cybercombat(Persona) 4, Electronic Warfare(Encryption) 2, Hacking(Attack) 4, Computer(Analyse, Search) 3, Software(Databombs) 2, Hardware(Commlink) 2, Pistols(Hold-Outs) 1, Etiquette(Matrix) 3, Negotiation(Bargain) 2, Infiltration(Hiding) 2, Shadowing(Tail Evasion) 2, Dodge(Melee) 1, Gunnery(Ballistic) 1, Perception(Visual) 2, Pilot Ground Craft(Bike) 2
Street Knowledge Gear Values(Electronics) 2, Cannibalize Hardware 2, Seattle Streetgangs(Redmond) 1, Street Drugs(Party Drugs) 1, Underworld Politics(Yakuza) 2
Interests SIM-Romance 4, Japanese Culture(Anime) 3, Cyberjockey Scene 3, Music(J-Pop) 2, Matrix Hangouts 3, Computer Games(Ego Shooter) 3
Languages English N, Japanese(Netspeak) 2
Gear Low Lifestyle, Biomonitor, Docwagon Basis+Panic Button
Armor Clothing(4/0), Fichetti Tiffani Needler(6P(f) AP+2 SA 4©), Pepper Punch, Small Electro-Roller
Deck Microtrónica Azteca 200 Device 2 – 5,4,3,2
Commlink Transsys Avalon(4/4/4/4) /w Sim Module(Hot), Simsense Accelerator, Response Enhancer 2
Software Package 1: FTL Matrixware Net Wizard (Analyse 3, Browse 3, Command 1, Edit 2, Purge 3)
Package 2: Shamus (Exploit 3, Sniffer 4)
Package 3: Homewrecker (Katana Attack 3 /w Shredder 2, Molotov Attack 3 /w Area+AP 2)
Package 4: Eastern Tiger Palladium (Armor 4, Biofeedback Filter 3, Medic 3, Track 4)
Data Bomb 2, Decrypt 1, Defuse 2, Disarm 2, ECCM 2, Encrypt 4, Nuke 2, Reality Filter 4, Scan 3, Spoof 4, Stealth 4
Lifestyle Dee is living with her parents (Low), costs 3200.00/10 per Month, with options Free Access, Hasty Exit, One Step Away From Everything
Her house is in a blind end with its back to a church, where they didn’t care too much about Matrix security (Church of Jesus Latter-day-Saints). She has cameras installed up the road and if something really is going sideways, she hopes for a quick escape over the back of her house, where she easily can get away. Several commercial centers are just around the corner along the 202, where she can get everything she needs and that’s not already in the fridge of her dad and mum.
Contacts Friends: Cyphar, Warezhouse 24 (2D6/2, Loy 1)(Specialized to Warez), The L4z4rsw0rd Guild (2D6/2, Loy 2)(Specialized to Cybercombat, <20 Member)
Enemies: Tachibana Ryuichi, C0n4N, K177, S4kur4, L0G0,…

“D33” is a Netgeek Cyberduellist. She is smart, but her egomaniac behavior often brings her in trouble with the real world, while in the ‘trix she’s a god. She is living in the basement of her parents house, just at the run down quarters in north west Redmond. She is more the average netkid than the professional hacker and most of her time she spends chatting and insulting noobs on the net, taking every chance she gets to kick those unwitty enough to M355 with her to kick them barfing out of “her” net.

She owns her life to a Yakuza when he saved her life from an opponent who tried to finish the battle in real life. Since then she has done some small, but well paid jobs for him and other Yaks, which she finds really cool, like planting Data Bombs in online-shops for protection racketeering and trashing not paying hosts for the same reason.

She is aware that her ticket is without return but can’t see what’s so bad about the Yakuza covering her back and so she puts most of the money from the jobs into her gear. Living seems to be no issue in the basement of her dad and mom as long as she is not doing drugs or getting them in trouble with her “Matrix Jobbing”.

She’s seventeen and nothing can harm her.


“Let me first check if I got that message I’m waiting for, okay?”

“Okay. Not yet. You are such a noob! A fuckin’ idiot, LMAO! Sell ya gear, dumbass.”

OMG! You just went directly into my sword! I asked you for a test duel, but I couldn’t know that you fucking moron wanted to commit sebuku with it!”

“No. I’m watching Akira. Special cyber edition. Can I call back later? NO MUM! THAT’S NOT MY BOYFRIEND ON THE FON!”

“No! No! No, I said you can stick that to where the sun… WHAT? I’m on the phone jackass! Piss off! It’s important! Jerk… Where was I? Okay, you have to go to the lower level to receive the bonus item from the fixer in the far corner. You can blah-blah your way through it if you have the fucking time or just cut his head off and take it. Yes! Of cause! Standing issues? No, you just go to the dealers at the market and behead them. They are enemies and the standing is no issue and you get extra credit, loot, xp… It’s like always, attack!, attack!, attack! What? Difficult!? You lost your char?!! WTF! Moron! I told you not to waste points on fuckin’ social skills, didn’t I? Delete your char, idiot, don’t ask me again for advice.”

“<whispering>No! No! I can’t talk to you at the moment. That idiot from the Cathode Glow is in my stuffer check. Just in the next row. He is still smoking from the last eject I have given him! I try to get out here. Looks quite brutal. I have recognized his ID when he came in! I have my gun with me, I so p0wn that sucker if he makes a false move! You know! My gun! Yes. It’s a gun. Serious. It is a weapon. No. It’s not a toy for kids, it’s nasty. Do you like to try, sucker? It will blow your fuckin’ head off. Yeah. Just like that!”

“Hahahah! A BOT!? You are using fucking bots?! OMG another script-kiddie go play barf and dices. Just a second, I just hack you off the network. This is for grown-ups only, dimwit.”

Joanna "Dee" McKenney

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