Kabuki Ronin Thug

Ganger und Drugs

Archetype Go-Ganger
Qualities Toughness
Attributes B3+1+1 A3+1 R4 S3+2 C3 I3 L2 W2+1 Edg2 Ini7 IP1+1 High Pain Tolerance 3
Skills Automotive Mechanic 2, Blades 3, Dodge 2, Etiquette(Street) 1, Perception 2, Pilot Groundcraft 4, Pistols 2, Unarmed Combat 2
Knowledge Gang Identification 4, Gang Turf 3, Racing Bikes 4, Simporn Trivia 3, Smuggling Routes 4
Gear Yamaha Growler(Handling 1 ACC15/40 SP150 P1 B6 A6 S1), Samurai Armor (4/7), Katana (S/2+3P) AP-1, Remington Roomsweeper 7P(f) AP+5, 1 Dose Kamikaze
Gang Kabuki Ronin

While not much is still known about the members of Kabuki Ronin most suspect them to be errant boys for the Yakuza. For sure they are a bunch of people that are drugged off out of their mind and seem to be on the hunt for the big adrenaline kick. Trashing cars on the sidewalk, running over beheaded bodies with their bikes and feeling themselves like action movie stars from the big HK eastern.

And name themselves for their weapons “Katana”, “Tetsubo” and add -ich -ni -san or -chi, except their leader that they called “Toranaga-sama”.

Funny that they all have DocWagon contracts isn’t it? That’s unusual for a street-level thrill go-gang.

What kind of colours they have? Okay, they all have this white tattooed Kabuki-style head, wear neo-ancient Samurai armour and yell phrases from famous HK eastern. But all that is stuff that can’t be taken away. Guess if you ever want to piss them off, take a sword or a bike from them and you see a go-gang go crazy. If there’s any way going even more crazy for these guys. Yeah.

Kabuki Ronin Thug

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