Kawamura Shin

Race Human
Gender Male, 19 y. o.
Attributes Kon 3 Agi 4 Rea 3 Str 3 Char 3 Int 3 Log 2 Wil 3 Edg 2 Ess Ini 6
Skills *Athletics (Running 3) (Gymnastic 3)(Climbing 3), Blades(Katana) 3, Computer(Commlink) 1, Firearms (Pistols) 2, Etiquette(Yakuza) 2, Negotiation 1, Infiltration 2, Dodge(Ranged) 3, Perception 1, Pilot Ground Craft(Bike) 2, Con 2, Intimidation 2, Underworld Seattle (Yakuza) 3
Language Japanese N; English 3
Qualities Guts; Addiction (Cram, medium), Oblivious, poor self control (braggart)
Contacs Hisoka, Cyphar, Yamakawa Sae (yak doc), Futaba Ken, Tachibana Ryuichi, Toshiya Mamoru

Shin is a screwed up kid, who’s addiction to drugs is not always easy. He is pretty messed up in the head and his cocky- or rather bratty – attitude gives everyone around a headache. A wanna-be something who dreams of becoming big in the world.


“Of course I can do it. You think I can’t? Well I’ll show you bigshot and then I will make you throw yourself on the floor begging for my forgiveness.”

“I-I-I’m not in withdrawal… of w-what? me? no, o-of course n-not. W-w-what are you s-s-s-saying?! …. I need to go to the T-toilet… b-be right b-b-back.”

“Ha.Ha.Ha. I showed that sucker who’s boss. What? of course I made sure he wouldn’t get up soon… What do you mean he is right behind me?!”

“I tell you, soon I will get out of here and do big stuff.” …" What I mean? How should I know?!"

Kawamura Shin

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