Ork squatter girl


Kaythyn is a young, hard working recycling girl.

Archetyp: Squatter (Ork)
Places: Fields, recycling barracks, main street, Rusty Barrel


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She could be considered second in command of her small girl gang of four. If the courting of one of the guys goes sideways she’s always supporting Sam, doing the job. She thinks she is not as good looking as the rest of her friends and tries to hide her tusks whenever she can.

This of cause only catches your eye if you rudely ogle the girls too hard, which would in turn result in your ass getting pulled through the mud of main street.



“Hahaha! Look at that idiot!”

“Kay, c’mon. I help you up there.”

“I have him tight, Sam! He’s not going anywhere. Now give this wierdo a lesson, will ya?”

“I have found this commlink! Seems still to work! Hey girls, haha! Look at this! Someone left photos on this. Eeeek! That’s nasty! Haha! Gosh you better clean things before ya dump them.”


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