Kaylee "Cheshire Cat" Lafayette

Possible Leader of Unwired

Archetyp University Student, Radical
Cyberware Datajack, Datalock
Gear Novatech Airware /w Novatec Navi (cracked) (3), Contact Lenses(3)(LL, VM, IL)
Contacts Trideo Pirate Group Unwired

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Kaylee is the charismatic leadership figure of the Unwired Trideo Pirate group. She’s a young and idealistic journalistic student who manages to hold the group together and focused on their task. And she really believes that spreading the truth over pirated trideo channels will change something in the world.

The longer you talk to her the more you’ll understand that she is smart and not just the average naive frat girl who repeats stereotypical phrases. Her speeches really take you with her. And of course she’s pretty and it’s no wonder that all but two members of the group are young men who support her mission.

March 2071

Kaylee was killed by a group of unknown runners after Unwired got involved in the run on the Maria Magdalene Sanatorium. Her death and those of the other Unwired members were set up to look like a car accident.

Kaylee "Cheshire Cat" Lafayette

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