witch and talismonger


Kiki Blocksberg (it’s a pseudonym, in case you were wondering) runs The Green Nymph talismonger shop in Snohomish. Contrary to available information, she claims that she inherited the shop and the land it’s built on. She seems to have problems making a living and she’s lonely out there in the woods.

She has a Criminal SIN, is registered as a practicing talismonger with magical talent with a long criminal record, as illegal use of magic, quackery and aggravated grievous bodily harm, medical practicing w/o permission, fraud, shop lifting in several cases, 41 parking tickets, driving with unreadable plate, driving with broken lights, insubordination, offending an officer, threatening with magic, prostitution and violating her parole probation. She has spent six month in prison for illegal use of magic and was convicted to pay a fine in most other cases and got free after that.

She is forbidden to use any magic in public, any magic with power higher than category three, it is not allowed for her to deal with fire spirits or any fire magic, combat magic or practicing heal magic without a proper medical licence. Which she is unworthy to gain at any time in her life due to her status as a criminal. She is only allowed to practice magic on private property where she is explicitly allowed and invited to, means her own talisshop, The Green Nymph. She is not allowed to possess any magic items or spells or formulas that would violate her permission to deal with magic and she may be searched at any time without the need of suspicion or reason by the law.

While she may deal with reagents and potions inside these permissions she is fully responsible for any harm that comes from those potions. Furthermore she may not possess or deal with foci that enhance the power of any magic or store magic for her, with the exception of potions inside the limits of her magic permission. She may only deal with legally registered magicians that have permission for the use of magic that she is allowed to provide.

She has to broadcast her SIN at all times.

With her status as a criminal magician she has lost her rights for financial privacy. Her account is administered and monitored by the department of justice with no credit and a limit to own not more than 1000 NY without special clearance of need by the welfare agency. Therefore she is not allowed to possess credsticks. Due to her status living on partly social welfare she is monitored for which kind of items she spends her money. She is not allowed to buy, possess or consume any kind of drugs, including alcohol, without medical prescription, due to her inherent magical ability which is considered as carrying a weapon.

She is not allowed to enter any AA or AAA classified public space and may be removed or arrested by local authorities in any other public space without further reason or suspicion and may be questioned about her reason of presence. She has to be let go after 48 hours of incarceration if she has been proven not guilty of any crime.

Her favorite music

Inkubus Sukkubus
Donovan – Season of the Witch

Her human rights may not be violated without reason.

April 2071
Fog pays her a visit, after the Rat’s Nest people began to suspect that she is the one who stole money from the clinic, from AillĂ©n and from the Rat Express. It quickly becomes clear that Kiki has nothing to do with this. She hooks up with Fog and after an enjoyable morning, they decide to return to the Nest to help clarify matters. On the way, they are stopped by SSP and things quickly get out of control because the officers assume they can abuse their power. In the end, Fog kills one of the deputies and he and Kiki have to go into hiding. This means that Kiki has can no longer return to her old life, not without going to jail for a long time.

May 2071
Kiki has started her own pharmacy in the Nest. She has a little house in the woods and people start to accept her into the community.

October 2071
Kiki disappears without a trace. Christopher, after consulting with Wanda Dato, tends to assume that she is safe and hidden by someone with exceptionally powerful magic and recommends waiting until at least Samhain. Trying to find her now would require drastic measures and might endanger Kiki. Since she is a hedge/herbal witch, he and Wanda guess that her disappearance is connected to her magic.

November 2071
Kiki returns to the Nest after joining a witches’ coven and having her first initiation.


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