Kowalski, Roger

Ex-Lieutenant at Hard Corps, Private Eye


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Archetyp Ex-Rent-A-Cop Lieutentant, Private Investigator
Attributes B4 A4 (6) R4 (6) S3 (5) C3 I3 L4 W4 Edg3 Essence 4.3 Int 7(9) IP1, Cond Mon(11)
Qualities Every-bodies Darling (-1 Intimidation -2 Leadership +1 Etiquette)
Addiction(mild; alcohol, cigarettes or coffee)
In Debt, Sinner, Day Job(PI)
Skills *Close Combat 4, Pistols 4, Dodge 2, Etiquette(Corporate) 2, Infiltration 2, Shadowing 1, Intimidation 3, Leadership 3, Computer 1, Data Search(Police Archives) 2, Perception 3, Interrogation(Mental) 2, Pilot Groundcraft(Wheeled) 1, Survival(Wilderness) 1, First Aid 2
Professional Administration 3, Police Procedures 4, Law Enforcement 4, Forensics 2
Academic Knowledge Physics 1, Mathematics 1, Chemistry 1
Street Knowledge Crime Syndicates 3, Illegal goods 3, Local Gangs 4, Street Rumors 2, Crook Hangouts 2
Interests Whiskey 3, Major Leagues 3
Cyberware Datajack, Image Link, Smartlink, Reaction Enhancer(2), Synr. Cyberarm(B1 A+3 S+2 Armor1)
Gear Colt Manhunter(Smart) 5P AP-1 SA 16c 10 Clips Regular Ammo, Defiance EX Shocker 4m 8Se SS,
Sap 4S, Extendable Baton 4P R1, Lined Coat(6/4 Insulation 2, Chemical Protection 2), Armor Vest(6/4), 1 Dose Jazz, Stanley Screamer Alarm
Newly found weapons:
Fichetti Tiffani Needler, 6Pf AP2 SA 4c
Pepper Punch Spraycan /w 4 loads left
Office Office in Touristville (9 m²) secured with keypad maglock(2), Telecom unit(2) (/w printer, scanner, basic matrix node, trideo/rec, holoprojector, speakers, keyboard, wireless node, etc.), office desk with drawers, office shelves and filing cabinet, two chairs, sofa, small table, heavy steel locker with maglock; sink, no coffee machine
electric and advanced matrix service (incl. 10 commcodes, worldwide wireless access points, remote storage and rating 2 search agent and program suite)
Lifestyle Squatter(sleeps in his office)
Contacts Charleen (Girlfriend, Waitress, 2/5), Babsie (Elven, Prostitute, 1/2), Sandy(Orc, Insurance Agent, 2/2), Neil Munroe, Sonny and Rico(KE Cops), Richard & Sarah (Survivalists/NAN, 1/1)
Enemies Thekla the Troll (Sexshop vendor, 1/1), Raven(Dealer, 1/1), Sonny and Rico(KE Cops)

He is logging about his life.

Lieutenant Kowalski was in charge of the Hard Corps men during the raid on the Rat’s Nest and totally failed to have any control of the situation. In spite of his orders, the men beat, abused and raped the squatters and later set fire to part of the Nest.

The morning after the raid, a sniper shot Kowalski and three of his men. Neil saved Kowalski’s life, once by running out into the street to give him first aid and then by ordering the people of the Nest to let Kowalski and the rest of his men live in spite of all they had done.

February 2071
After recovering from the injury taken at the Rat’s Nest he’s left deep in debt without a job. His automatic “Get-A-Job”-Agent organizes a job as a P.I. in a franchise office of ‘Tyrell and Partners, Private Investigations’ agency. He’s a freelancer for nY 200/day to hire, where he has to pay 25% of his income to the franchise for support and office costs. He’s paid in checksticks, because his credstick is so deep in debt, that everything that comes on it will be transferred to his debtor, the Bank of America. He is penniless and has to pay with ebbies. He takes on Babsie as a partner.

May 2071
Kowalski investigates a series of arsons and murder at talismongers all over Seattle. Some people either take offense or don’t like his face and break his ribs and his jaw. He gets treatment as the Clinic, another favor he owes Neil. He also gets paid protection money from the two prostitutes who have taken over Kid’s Corner across the street from his office.

Kowalski, Roger

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