Krishna Kumar

Possible Trideo Pirate Leader

Archetyp University Student, Novice Hacker
Qualities Trust Fund 20
Skill Cracking Group(Electronic Warfare) 2
Gear Eurocar Westwind 3k, Transys Avalon (4, FW5) /w custom OS, Microskimmer Drone, Contact Lenses(3) (LL, Flare, VE1)
Cyberware Datajack, IL, AL, Sim-Module
Contacts Bodyguard Shankar Kumar Gupta, Kaylee “Cheshire Cat” Lafayette, Trideo Pirate Group Unwired

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The young Indian computer-science student Krishna seems to be the offspring of rich parents, but after he met Kaylee his party-time evolved in a more rebellious mission, to spread the truth and to fight the media-yoke of the megacons. Maybe he’s just helplessly infatuated with Kaylee, maybe he is the true driving force behind the gang.

But if you are looking for the one with the money to spend and the financial power to keep the group active, you have to watch out for the checkstick of this young playboy and his Eurocar Westwind 3k. Profession: son.

March 2071
Krishna was killed by a group of unknown runners after Unwired got involved in the run on the Maria Magdalene Sanatorium. His death and those of the other Unwired members were set up to look like a car accident.

Krishna Kumar

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