Nguyễn Lan

Squatter girl


Lan is a young, hard working recycling girl.

Archetyp: Squatter (Human, Vietnamese)
Places: Fields, recycling barracks, main street, Rusty Barrel

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Of the four girls she’s the nestling and must be about fifteen, maybe sixteen. Looking shy and not saying much, she seems to be happy to be accepted by the other girls. The Vietnamese girls mostly stick to themselves so nobody knows the story of pretty young Lan.

Her family is managing the bath house, maybe she does not look forward to working there and prefers to do the hard work on the recycling barracks. Maybe it’s loyality or she just loves her friends too much to do anything else that doesn’t involve them being around.

She often looks a bit scared, though.


“Hi I’m Lan.”

“No. Thank you.”

“Yes. I’d like.”


Nguyễn Lan

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