Lazy Dragon

Summoner For Hire


Lazy Dragon, or Aree Walker, as her SIN says, is a girl somewhere at the end of her teens who works at her great-grandpa’s shop in Touristville
This place could be described as many things, but in a nutshell, Ken’s Parlor is a patchwork amalgamate made of a tatoo and art studio, antique store, restaurant and talis-shop, with each respective section run by different family members.
It’s the kind of place where you’d expect a little toothless old man selling things in jars and the odd mogwai or cursed tome, but now slap at least four more rooms with at least twelve more people of varying ages who also happen to live there on it.

Aree’s family tree is less of a tree, but more of a rampaging bunch of dandelions with a severe case of wanderlust with something resembling roots in Asia, probably Thailand. They’re an amicable and open minded bunch and passionate travelers, which explains why there’s more variety in terms of ethnicity in this family than in a Bag of Wonders (which is certainly not for sale in the shop!).

Ken, her great-grandpa, is a skilled arcanist and enchanter, among some other things and sells his goods to everyone who can pay. He’s on good terms with most of his customers which include shady institutions and individuals of a certain deniability.
He also was delighted to find out that little Aree was awakened and had some talent summoning spirits. Apart from her work in the shop, she also tries to get her feet wet in that not-so-legal business the whole family is somewhat fond of.
She didn’t botch her first job too hard, as far as the Shadowland crowd is concerned.

People say Lazy Dragon’s a huge nerd for pre-awakening folk tales and weird/occult art, spending a lot of her free time reading or replicating/painting that old stuff how she’d imagine it.
On the business side she seems to lack her famiily’s sense of cutting a good deal as she usually agrees straight to the first offer when asked for assistance.


August 2071
Lazy Dragon gets hired by Masayuki Haneda as magical support for his team on a sabotage mission. Things work out pretty well and Lazy Dragon is thrilled to discover that she has been working with actual ninjas.

Lazy Dragon

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