Liana Robinson

A female squatter, working on the "fields"


Liana is about sixteen or seventeen and works as a sorter in the recycling facility in the Nest. She’s of Latino descent and stunningly pretty. Even if she’s not rich at all, she’s enjoys her life and manages to look pretty in her cheap clothes.

Usually she wears stockings and a mini skirt. She always leaves a hand of skin between both that you can spot if you watch her closely, as well as the “damaged” part on the rear of her upper leg, that sports naked skin.

Often she’s wears a kind of kinky hat or colorful scarf, laughing and hanging around with her three girlfriends on main street. Rusty has fallen in love with her, a game she plays at the moment.

Archetyp: Squatter
Locations: Recycling barracks, Fields, main street, Rusty Barrel
Uses: recycled materials, gossip, flirting


  • Nguyễn Lan (girlfriend, human), 16
  • Sam (Black girlfriend, ork), 16
  • Kay (girlfriend, ork), 15

When you think of a squatter you think of homeless old ladies. No, wrong. Especially on this one. Liana is just that kind of girl that everybody falls in love with, that you try to sit next to at school. She doesn’t have an attitude, she’s just friendly and laughs a lot, a person you kind of like on the spot.

And if such a nice person has angel-like hair and looks sharp as a razor it may happen that if you’re a guy at that age you have only her on your mind. So Rusty, who is heavily in love with her isn’t the only one with an interest in her. He has to compete not only with the rest of the young Scrappers, there are also her three girlfriends that love to make fun of all the chaps who try to hit on Liana.

She lives with her mother and two sisters at home but doesn’t like to bring visitors. Maybe she is ashamed that she lives under such poor conditions. She’s that hard working factory girl type.


“Hahaha! No, I won’t come to your party, Decay. I know it’s just you, me and your mattress.”

“Ooops. That stunt with your crossbike went a bit out of control, ya? I go and get the Doc. Your leg shouldn’t be at that angle.”

“It’s no shame to be a recycler. It’s good work, we are recycling up to 90% of the stuff that’s coming in, these companies that try to break in our business just do the most value 20% and throw the rest away. That’s bad and I really hope we keep our jobs. We are standing together in this. Yes, I could go and sell my body like some of the other girls. But that’s not me. We are hard working people and I believe we can pull this as a community. It’s just a question of having the courage to make your hands a little dirty…”

“Gee! Look! I’ve found an old music player! I guess it’s still working, must be worth a couple of Nuyen on the market! Over there! Over there! That’s polyethylene! A bag of that is worth over ten Nuyen at the moment!”

“Gosh, no this is not looking like middle class crap. This is stuff coming in from the Barrens. See, here. Styrofoam boxes from Bumble Bee, Coca Cola, eek!, oh, I’m getting sick. Someone dumped a baby again. Someone take my place at the line, please, I got to puke.”

Liana Robinson

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