Liz "Ducky" O'Hara

Human Female Nurse


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Archetyp Nomad, Nurse
Size 1.63m
Qualitys Firstimpression (+2 first social)
Places Doc’s Clinic, Growler’s Pub “Rusty Barrel”
Cyberware Datajack, Shock Hand 6S(e), Fiberoptic Hair (emo-colored), Cybereyes 2(LL, IR, IL, Rec, VE3, FlareC)
Attributes B3 A3 R3 S3 C4 I3 L3 W2 Edg3 Ini6 IP1 Ess5,1
Skills Athletics 2, Computer 2, Con 2, Negotiation 2, Data Search 3, Dodge 3, Locksmith 2, Perception 3, Pilot Groundcraft 3, Stealth Group 2, Survival 3, First Aid(Trauma) 2, Unarmed Combat(Cyberimplantat) 2
Knowledge Gang ID 3, Places to stay 4, Street Rumors 3, Travel Scams 3, Street Drugs 3
Interests Club Music 2
Gear Biomonitor, CMT Clip Commlink (1/1/1/3) /w Standard-Programs, music lib, BAg /w Survival-Kit, Lockpick SEt, Respirator(3), Tranqpatch(6), Party Drugs, 2 Dose Cram(+1R +1IP), Medkit(3), Pepper Punch, Flashpack, Armor Jacket(8/6), Smoke-Grenade
Languages English N, Gaelic 3, Cantonese(Cityspeak) 2

She is a nurse at Neil’s Shadow clinic, a punkgirl with attitude.

Liz has joined Neil‘s team when she was crashing from a heavy drug trip and Neil helped her to kick the habit. Since then the ex-Junkie works as a kind of nurse at the clinic. Some people call her “Doctor Feelgood” cause she’s has the attitude to drug people off and see if they come back later – then it’s serious.

She has a colorful mohawk haircut that changes color according to her emotional state. With a plaid miniskirt and damaged fishnet stockings she looks more like the average runaway you expect at the greyhound station than someone who should be handling a slappatch and a medkit.

Besides her punk style in the start of her twenties or end of her teens Liz has a big crush on Neil and had her colorful hair implanted just for the reason to make him notice how she feels for him. Everyone was able to see it but him, which was over the time a more and more frustrating state.

Often people found her dead drunk and barely able to walk herself home which was how she caught her nickname, which you better not use if she’s around.

She’s a hardboiled street brat that had more needles in her veins than she has been putting into other people since she started working. Nobody would have given her a future so she’s hanging to the job and to Neil, not just because she’s heavily in love. But also because she found a kind of home, people she cares about and a world that will accept her as she is.

When she decided on the bodyjob with the hair she chose some nasty little modifications that, she thinks, will give her a little edge over the average street punk. But she’s not the girl to make a fuzz about such things so you’ll find out about this when you’re not prepared.

Even if she’s tough looking, she’s more of a social character who tries to solve problems with words rather than with fights anyway. Since Neil has a girlfriend, Glitzy, she’s having a bad time and is tempted to fall back to bad habits. But still she managed to keep the darkness off herself and sticks to booze when she is getting the mood. Once she tried to pinch Blaster from Kerry, which resulted in a fight on main street where both girls went down in the mud. But it was more a desperate attempt to get Neil’s attention and make him jealous than an honest try.

After she tased Glitzy with a handshake she got beat up in return. So now she has not much hope left that she can get rid of her without getting kicked from the Nest. In the meantime she has started to care about the new girl in town, Maggie and her little son Daniel and that friendship means a lot to her.

She was raped by Hard Corps during the raid on the nest in Maggie‘s Container while she tried to protect her and her baby child. She copes better with that than AillĂ©n O’Brian, who suffered the same fate. Maybe she’s tougher, but it’s probably more because it’s more part of her reality anyway.

January 2071
Liz has been manipulated into stealing 10,000 NY from the clinic and giving it away to an unknown person. Neil found unusual brain activity when he examined her, refusing to believe she’s do anything like that despite the evidence. The last time Neil has seen something like that was with the victims of the Matrix Surgeon.


“Ah sorry, the Doc is not around at the moment. Whorin’ around or somethin’. You don’t feel good? Just a little prick and you’ll feel better. That wasn’t that bad, no? Aaaand the kick should be comin’ – now! If you still feel sick tomorrow, come back again and we’ll take a look. I said: Come! Back! Tomorrow! Fuck, I wish I was on your trip, man. No, that’s the fridge with the body parts, the door is over there! Have a nice day, man.”

“Sorry, we’re out of sedative. But I have a few ‘K’ here, they will do. They use those on animals, ya know? They’re not too bad either. Well, I prefer them with vodka, but that’s an other issue. Dream of me, tell me how the trip was.”

“Sorry, I am back in an hour. Have a quick meeting with a pharmaceutical representative. Have to take a delivery.”

“Aiii hate dad bitch, ‘cn tellya that. Fuck’n slut, damn shit. Growler c’mon. One more.” “Wha? Nah. I no had’nugh. No! No! No me touchin’ comin’ home ’lone.”

Liz "Ducky" O'Hara

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