Fourteen year old kid-ganger, street urchin, ex-Pica


Fourteen year old street urchin Maggie is the new girl on the block. Just a bit over one and a have meter in size, shoulder long black hair and eyes that are watching her environment perceptively with a mix of predator and prey.

Wearing a much too large light armor jacket and black army boots she adopted the style of the Scrappers without wearing the colors. Her main weapon is her knife sharp mind that has caught Neil’s attention already.

Her new born son Daniel is not making her life much easier, though. But there are certain gifts that give her a promising future if she manages to survive the day.

She has an intelligent small dog, a street mix of a terrier with something else maybe a poodle didn’t get up the trees fast enough, that is loving her and that she calls by the name Ruffy. She loves the small dog and both give just a team. It’s hard to catch Maggie without him.


Maggie’s heavy street slang and attitude isn’t the style that is used in the Nest, so she tries to work on it hard. But she has been living as the book-keeper of the Pica kid-gang in Purity, Redmond for over a year and a half and habits don’t get kicked easy.

During the gang war between the Scrappers and the Picas she had been taken prisoner of war, but kept herself neutral, not trying or even able to run away without leaving her newborn behind. Glitzy found out that she has the rare gift of being magical active, an adept that is able to focus magical power into her body to do some amazing stunts, which people know from martial arts clips, athletes, daredevils and that and has offered herself as a teacher for Maggie.

She has made friends with Rusty, Liz and Claire during her first days, the rest of the gang is still watching her with suspicion, some even with hostility, especially Whistler. Nobody expects that she will make it through the next day, even Maggie is not too optimistic. But with friends in the top tier hierarchy of the Scrappers she has a chance – if she can prove herself useful. And if she manages to adapt to the new situation.

She has been living in upper middle class, even lower upper class before her family had a financial crash and other unlucky circumstances followed by social decline. So she has been a good pupil before and tries to get back on that train – or what people call train here in the barrens.

Armed with a snap-knife, a can of Pepper Punch and keen wits as a weapon and a wee bit of magic she’s now starting her first adventure in the shadows. Hopefully not leaving behind a trail of dead bodies.

During her first days she managed to get a bit local fame as the Nests’ blogger and news-girl.


“No, me no torture Whistler! He called me names in face of gang! I roughed him up baseballwise, infotained him ‘n drugged him ’H’ to make him shut up. Any words more and I had redcloud him like that! BLAM Saved his fuck’n life.”

“What ya call me ‘Miss Tesla’? Who the fuck is this fuck Tesla fuck?”


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