Archetype Nomad, Ex-Prostitute, Ex-Junkie
Age 14 (*30.05.2057)
Gender female
Race Human
Size 158, 47 kg
Free Karma 3
Creds 1750+14000(ironwill)25000(Stanley)3k
SIN Tally Youngblood SIN-4 (Vater Ross Mutter Mary, Farmer in Snohomish, Learners Licence, Fishing Licence, Library Licence, School-Bus-Ticket
SIN-4 Peggy Carter, (Vater Howard, Mutter Sue), Farmer in Snohomish, Learners Licence, Fishing Licence, Library Licence, School-Bus-Ticket
Bloodgroup B+
Attributes B3 A5 R4{6} S2 C3 I4 L3 W4 Edg3 Ess5.93 Ini10 IP1
Cyberware Datajack B-ware 0.07, Rigger-Port (+2)
Qualities Dry Addict(Bliss, Medium), Poor Selfcontrol(Vindicative(2), Combat Monster(3), Thrill Seeker(2)1 ini), Pain Resistance 2
Gearhead (
2 Piloting Stunts, +20% Speed or +1 Handling for 1D6 minutes), Lightning Reflexes +2 Reaction, Martial Arts(Kickboxing), Emotionally Bound (SteelLynx)
Adept Power Attribute Boost(AGI) by Fog (Atuned Character) 6+1
Software Language: Russian, Yakuzian
Music: Powernoize musicarchive(Brainfuck, Chainsaw Razor)
Games: VR Game “Battle of Britain”, “Chainsaws & Headshots”, “Schoolgirl Zombie Massacre”, “Princess Daisy” (preinstalled)
Video: huge collection of Svetlana “Bounce” Jurjewa clips of Urban Brawl (Attitude)
Matrix Avatar Princess Pen on her deck Blinkenlights
Gear Trode Net+SimModule, as a 1930th pilot leather helmet
Lockpick set, Microtronic Toolset, Buttpack with Urchin Survival Kit, cheap cosmetics, 3 condoms, packet of chewing gum
Goggles(4) with LL, IL, MAG, FC (1225 nY), Belt-fit Sensorbox(3) /w Motion Tracker, Geigercounter, Chemsniffer(Olfactory Sensor)
Medkit(3)+Stim+Trauma, Biomonitor
Sequencer(3)+1 Wireless
Cheap Clothing, super short checked mini-skirt, belly free yellow shirt, sport shoes
looted from Stuffer Shack or elsewhere big rat trap, glue sprayer+dissolver, multicolor spraycan, Medkit(6), bike repair set, nail tacker
Nonfuctional Coleman Lamp
Armor Armor Vest 6/4, Chameleon-Suit 6/4 Insulation 1+Chemprotection 1+Floatation+Gelpacks(+1), Badass Rigga Helmet
Weapons Switchblade +1P, Survival Knife +2P, Motorcycle Chain 2P Reach +2 (or +1), couple of Pepper Spray, Electro Whip, Light Crossbow 16 taser 20 regular,
a real Adept and knows how to use him, renewable
Ride Pink Papoose
Hellrider for her 14th Birthday from Jet
Keys for Christine
Old UPS Stepvan “The Box”
Lifestyle Squatter
Contacts Shady(Pimp & Dealer, 17), Rigger “Bort”
Kids Corner: Zoé (17, prostitute, brunette), Wily (15, prostitute)
Babsie (1x, elf, prostitute), Fairy Fay (15, prostitute), Lite Rigger-boy
Member of Working Girls| |Sonstige|Dajo "Orkin" Schabengeist|



She’s logging too!


Nebraska is a slender little runaway that joined the gang of girls around Wily, Zoé and Babsie soon she arrived at Seattle. The older girls care for her like for a little sister, but she is kind of twisted, ultra violent if she is cornered, using Bliss and fixing it directly into her veins left the sniffing behind.

Maybe she tries to impress the other girls with everything she does. The harder drugs, the more daring theft, the most dangerous johns, maybe she is just mad as a hatter which the girls suspect. But she insists to be taken serious even if she is the youngest of the girls.

She’s fascinated by the ultra violent Urban Brawl series and knows every kill and every killer that has happened over the last two years. None of her friends dares yet to hand her a serious weapon, even if she is asking all the time. She has not hurt anybody though. While most of the other girls have just kicked the balls of their dead former pimp Shady, the moment he was killed, she focused on getting out the drugs he was carrying in his pocket. She has a very practical mind that is focused on survival at all times.

There must have been some traumatic event in her home town somewhere out in Nebraska in the rural forgotten area that made her like this or it was the fact that she was bored to death in her younger years.

While her two friends have sometimes during the day been teaming up for shoplifting, she was instead going direct into the face of their victims and picked their pockets them to get money. She claims that she doesn’t need that much money anyway but her drug habit is clearly the worst of the three and her drug is the most destructive one.

Nobody would dare to give her Cram anyway, her mates are happy that she is using Bliss to calm herself down a bit. But it is also slowly erasing the last emotions that may stop her going postal eventually.

During the battle against Shady she was hit by a bullet but she didn’t notice it until she collapsed due to blood loss and her life was finally saved at Trillian Astra backroom-shadow “clinic”.

She is a daredevil who does anything to get the next fix. She even dates the worst johns, the rapists, the creepos and the perverts, something Zoé or Wily never would do. Why is she like that? She asked her friends to help her to off the two creepos that raped her and tried to off her in a trailer in the illegal settlement on the Willow Run Golf Complex.

She is a valkyrie who shakes down the fallen without any hesitation or remorse. You never see her doing any house-works or cooking or trying to fit into the role of women, besides the fact she is aggressively showing the little appeal she has and puts on the most intense lipstick of all the girls.

Together with her cute little blond pigtails that leaves a bad feeling in your stomach.


“I want the shotgun. I’m no fucking victim! Give me that shotgun!”

“Gee! Have you seen the guts flying around after that biker hit the dwarf with the shotgun in his belly?! Yay! That idiot should have closed his jacket. Coolness kills, I say.”

“What? Why should I beware of the sicko john? He’s paying best?!”

“Yay! We exed that fucking asshole. And when you girls are done with kicking the carcass, let me pick him. Cross and toss. Man, he had it comin’, drugs kill ya, that stupid jerk. I take his drugs.”

“Working Girls!”

“Hey! When you go to the Stuffer Shack, can you look out for the brand new Ninja Girl World Order for Metalink?”


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