Dwarf Hacker


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Ningbo is a grumpy little dwarf.

Archetyp: Hacker (Dwarf)
Uses: Hacking, Illegal Software, Drinking, Cursing the government, Conspiracy Theories
Places: Rusty Barrel, his containers

He usually wears hawaiian shirts, corduroy-shorts and geta. (And sometimes a Ruger Super Warhawk in his trouser waistband, if he feels it is needed.)
He lives in the ‘Nest for over 10 years and is a member of the Committee. Everyone calls him Ningbo because both his living containers have a big “NINGBO” written on them. Of course, there are other containers with this lettering in the ’Nest, but…
What usually no one in the ’Nest knows, in the world of the hackers, he is called “Rats Ass” (like in "I don’t give a…")
For the privilege of living in the ’Nest, he not only manages the whole matrix-infrastructure with his assistants, he also PAYS the Scrappers.

August 2071
Ningbo leaves the Nest right before a raid by the Bureau of Copyright Infringement and Patent Violation. He takes the Nest’s server and warns no-one of the danger. It’s unlikely he will be welcome any longer at the Nest, to put it mildly.


“almost” everyone in the ’Nest, especially everyone of the Hackers; he also knows a LOT of people in the matrix.


He’s a bit short. And he doesn’t talk about his work or his time before the ‘Nest. In addition to his other work, he sells SINs, informations, linguasoft and cracked software to the ’Nest. Also, if you can’t get it elsewhere, he can sell you almost everything.
He may be grumpy, but if you are nice to him, he can talk all day long. And he gives discount for people who are nice to him.


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