Drug Dealer in Touristville


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Archetyp Drug Dealer
Attributes B3 A2 R3 S3 C3 I4 L2 W4 Edg2 Essence 5 Int 7 IP1
Qualities Addiction(medium; Novacoke)
Skills Con 2, Negotiation 4, Palming 3, Etiquette(Street) 3, Perception 2, Pistols 2
Street Knowledge Street Drugs 4, Business 3, Evaluate Goods 2, Fences 3, Police Patrols 3, Street Rumors 3, Speedballing 3, Junkies 3
Interests Grunge Rock 3
Cyberware Datajack, Cybereyes(2, IL, LL), Minor Bodysculpt, Tattoos
Gear Reacor Sting(Holdout) 6Pf AP+4 SS 4m
Lifestyle Low
Contacts Babsie (Elven, Prostitute, 1/2), Kowalski, Roger

Selling his stuff in front of a Crackhouse in one of the worse side streets of Touristville, he is well respected and connected in the community but seems not to be affiliated with one of the bigger gangs. He is selling his drugs for a long time now, serving different times in jail but on his spot shortly after.

The man sitting on a chair at the entrance of a low run house in a side street was just skin and bone, hard lines in his face, ink on the side of his head and neck like prison tattoos. He was wearing wide sleeves like wings of a bird and a absurdly prominent nose sticking out of his face like a beak


“I don’t know you. Piss off.”

“Yes. I know you. You are the new undercover cop from Knight Errant. You piss off before I let go my dogs. Hey! Folks! New snitch in town! Yes, sir. You really fucked up. I’m not the guy you’re looking for. Search me if you want. But you better not touch my balls you fucking fay or you hear of my lawyer.”

“If you mess with me, street will get you in the end. It’s karma, man.”

Whispering. “Okay, come on in. Let’s see what you have. So what’s the deal. Right. You go around that corner there. You know how it goes. Plead and you will be given, my friend. Nice trip.”

“No, man. This is bad shit. You shouldn’t use these shitty patches. If you really want to feel it and not get all the dirt from your skin into your veins, use a clean needle. It’s better. And here you can have something extra I received recently. See this? It’s rainbow against the light. It’s new. It’s fresh. It’s the trip of your life. Try it. Don’t speedball it, man, it’s best ware from the ghost cartels, uncut. It’s uncut, like a movie. But better, you will fly inside your head.”

“What’s your poison, girl? Ah, just that soft party stuff, for dancing, yes? Okay. Speedball it with Whiskey. It will burn you up! Just try that. But you don’t know me, okay? We haven’t seen. I’m mystery man.”

“Fucking CalHot? What is that? Yeah, I tried that stuff. No, that’s just a Hollywood flick for too much money. You should try the real bender, I got a delivery from Hong Kong. No, just try. Okay. Here. The first is for free. Just for you. It’s a short trip under the shower. You are a young girl, okay? No sex. Just shower, but you’ll see what I mean. Come back if you did like it.”


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