Male Ork Mechanic

Archetyp Mechanic
Race Ork
Gender Male
Age late 40/early 50

Roadblock is an ex-Ganger, he’s wearing the blacked out tatts still on his upper arm and on his back. With the scars he’s looking as if he is in his late forties or early fifties. The tough ork operates a small chop shop in northern Touristville, in a greasy backyard garage in the inner yard of a cheap public housing tower block, living mostly for his self and trying to get away from his past.

What has driven him out of his gang and what gang that was is one of the secrets he’s keeping even from his friends. But his clients bring in more stolen cars than he could ever sell, so he seems to have deals with some larger organisation that can buy his work, from casual clients he wouldn’t survive longer than a month.

His garage is small, with a hoist, some tools and a small paint shop. It’s not much but it’s his own. After Zachery and his friends had dropped by they had pulled him into a conflict with the Crimson Crush Gang, that are kings of Touristville. A conflict that brought him some nasty new scars in his face, a broken arm and some fun with being waterboarded with his own motor-oil.

His luck seems to have left him lately.


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