Archetyp: Ganger
Qualtities: Toughness, Will to Live, Home Ground Rat’s Nest, Ambidexterity, Actively prejudiced against Mutants and sick Critters, Enemy(Rusted Stilettos)
Cyberware: Wired Reflexes 1 (used), Muscle Replacement 1 (used), Aluminium Bone Lacing

Essence left 1,4


Rox has a long history in the Nest. He’s in his early twenties and was born in the Nest. His parents were part of the Recyclers Union and when he started to hang around the main street in his early teens he soon found himself invited as a prospect for the gang at the age of fifteen.

He was on scout and guard duty along the High Bridge Road south of the Nest when he was surprised by a bunch of Rusted Stilettos, who were far out of their turf. Badly hurt he escaped and managed to get back to the ’Nest, deadly wounded. With his body punctured by shrapnel and knife wounds, and hit by contaminated crossbow bolts, he was rescued against all odds by the Doc.

How he survived is still a mystery. How he managed to get back to the ’Nest without collapsing. A mystery that paid off in an undisputed reputation. Proof of the events are a nastily scarred back and a scar that cuts through his face. Since then, the right half of his face is expressionless. Botulinum toxin has poisoned and destroyed some of his nervous system.

He had to learn to use his left hand because his right shoulder never completely recovered after the attack, but it never worked out, so he finally decided to use cyberware as a prosthetic solution for his damaged nervous system. He is the youngest veteran of the gang. And he has maybe grown into one of their fiercest warriors, which he augmented with a street warrior set of ’ware and an outspoken hate for mutants, critters and especially the Rusted Stilettos.

Often he is out “to hunt them and put them down”. Alone on his bike, with his mean big dog “Lug”, who is the only company he accepts on his crusade. “This is for men, boy”, he tells everyone who dares to ask. He is a hunter, an urban warrior and there’s not much human left in him. But he’s got ware, he has a shotgun, a machete and his fists of steel. Better not get in his way.


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