Black Ork squatter girl


Samantha is a young, hard working recycling girl.

Archetyp: Squatter (Ork)
Places: Fields, recycling barracks, main street, Rusty Barrel

h3. Contacts

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Samantha is a black Ork girl and works hard at the Fields. She looks massive and much more adult than her human friends even if she’s at the same age. For an Ork she might be considered quite fair, but she doesn’t seem to be interested in the immature folks of her age that are trying to court her. Anyways she’s mostly hanging around with her girl friends, making fun of boys and laughing at them on main street. She is definitly not the smartest of the four girls, but she’s the one who would grab your ass and grind you through the mud on main street if your courting goes bad. The Doc had already to fix two guys he first thought were maimed by one of the recycling machines.

She’s quite protective of her friends and you might even consider her a kind of bodyguard for them. And you surely don’t want to get on her wrong side, especially if you try to hit on Liana Robinson.


“Hey, hanger! What are you looking at? Move!”

“Is this damp rag bugging you Liana? C’mon I grind a bit of ya teeth chummer…”


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