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Human Female Hacker


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Personal Data:

Name: Aodnait Callahan
Alias: Sparks; Phoenix; 550; Splash
Ethnic: Tír na nÓg. Her parents moved to Seattle when she was a little child.
Age: 21


Sparks is a fine-boned girl with fiery red hair in her early twenties. She is about 1,70 m large and though she enhanced an elvish grace of sorts from her Tír na nÓg roots she is definitely human.
On the outside she seems to be a little bit too shy and too nerdy for someone with her presence and charisma. A keen observer might just deduct that she has something to hide.
Due to her roots in Tír na nÓg she speaks with an Irish accent.


AGI: 2; BOD: 2; REA: 4; STR: 2; CHA: 5; INT: 5; LOG: 4; WIL: 6; EDG: 5; ESS: 5; RES: 6; INI: 6; MAT INI: 9; P-Damage Boxes: 9; S-Damage Boxes: 10; M-Damage Boxes: 10

Living Persona:

Device Rating (RES): 6; Attack (CHA): 5; Sleaze (INT): 5; Data Processing (LOG): 4; Firewall (WIL): 6


Positive: Paragon (Daedalus); Synthetic Sympathy; Juryrigger; First Impression, Focused Concentration 4
Negative: Reality Impaired; Prejudice (Security Companies); Pacifist; Corporate limited SIN MCT (criminal; dead)


Active Skills:

Compiling (RES): 5; Registering (RES): 5; Hacking (LOG): 5; Cybercombat (LOG): 4;
Hardware (LOG): 3; Software (LOG): 2; Computer (LOG):* 4; Data Search: Matrix (LOG): 3
Etiquette: Street (CHA): 1; Etiquette: Con (CHA): 1; Leadership: Directing (CHA): 1; Negotiation: Bargaining (CHA): 1;
Perception (INT): 4; Infiltration (INT/AGI): 2; Running (STR): 2; Disguise (INT): 2; Con (CHA): 3
Artisan (INT): 3; Auto. Mechanic: Wheeled (LOG): 3; Ind. Mechanic: E-Power Systems (LOG): 1

Knowlage Skills:

Seattle Street Gangs (INT): 3; Street Art (INT): 3;
Mathematics (LOG): 3; Literature (LOG): 1; MCT-Icono X (LOG): 2;
Matrix Games: Rise of Atlantis (INT): 2; Matrix Games: Battle of Britain (INT): 2; RPGs: Cyberpunk (INT): 5; Trid: Sci Fi (INT): 2
Professional Knowledge: Security (LOG): 2

Language Skills:

English: Native; Gaelic (INT): 1

Complex Forms:

Editor; Stitches; Shield; Resonance Spikes; Transcendent Grid


  • Claire, her best friend and roommate
  • NetCat the cat that demands her to use the can opener
  • Snake, her boyfriend
  • Wisdom Incarnate, a free Sprite
  • Blaster The Hellhound’s Sargent of Arms
  • Growler Gangboss of the Scrappers
  • Han Solo One of the Rat’s Nest’s other hackers
  • Kimba One of the four Matrix Socialatrices working in the Rat’s Nest
  • Liz The Rat’s Nest’s Nurse
  • Michael Chase A Privat Investigator from Downtown Colombia
  • Monkeywrench A mechanic whom she assists from time to time
  • Niel Munroe The Rat’s Nest’s Street Doc
  • 405 Hellhounds Go-Gang with about 30 members
  • Scrappers The Rat’s Nest’s Gang
  • The Bountyhunter He is still a somewhat cross with her for tricking him and not getting the 4.500 NY revard for turning her in.
  • Evil An A.I. also known in the Rat’s Nest as The Matrix Surgeon. The A.I. is belived destroied, but Sparks has her doubts.
  • Tanaka Hirohito Exec of Petrivski Security. He offers a reward of 4.500 NY for turning her in.


Aodnait’s parents moved to Seattle, when she was four years old because they got a job offer from Microdeck Industries. The family lived in a small, corpowend house in Downtown Seattle. Live was simple and when Aodnait was eight years old her sister Abigale was born.
Being 12 years old she spend most of her free-time inside the Matrix, playing Rise of Atlantis. Inside the game she met a small group of people who played a different kind of matrix games. They met inside the matrix to play an RPG named Cyberpunk. A game without virtual realty graphics, but inside the mind of the player. In this fantasy world she played the adept hacker Phoenix. Together with her group of fearless shadowrunners they saved the world from all kinds of dangers.
On November the second 2064 the group had met to fight an evil A.I. trying to take over the matrix and through it the whole world. Ironically at the same time in the real world, in the real matrix there was a group of hackers , too, trying to stop the A.I. Deus from taking over the matrix and turning metamankind into Blue-Eyes. Their fight eventually crashed the whole of the matrix. Sometimes destiny seems to have a very dark kind of humor.
Aodnait woke up in hospital a few days later from a coma, having the headache of her live. They told her that had been lucky, surviving the crash without any signs of brain damage. Later that day someone told her that her parents were killed while the blackout caused by the matrixcrash. That day she had her first experience of emergence and well, it didn’t do much good to her headache and neither did her grief. At least Abigale was fine. Her little sister was still at home being cared for.
The effects of what ever she was suffering from got worse over the next day, until she couldn’t bear it anymore. She cried at the things haunting her to stop, to let leave her alone, and they did. A few seconds later a distressed nurse came in to if she was alright. Later she learned that there was some kind of power surge sending all of the hospital wings machinery haywire.
The next day a psychiatrist working for some kind of high end institute sponsored by MCT told her that her case caught their interest. She might suffer from something called AIPS and that they could help her. The temptations was really strong, but the anxiety of her six year old sister having to survive on the streets alone was stronger. So she turned the offer down, claiming that she’d none of the described syndromes.
When she left the hospital her symptoms got stronger. Somehow she got home and somehow she found her bed. That night a beeing that called itself Daedalus apeart in what seemed to be the strangest dream.

Sparks / Splash

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