Stanley Voynich

Human Male Streetdoc

Archetype Streetdoc
Name Stanley Voynich
Age 30
Gender male
Ethnic slavic
Race Human
Size 1.87
Attributes B3 A5 R3 S2 C3 I4 L5 W3 Edg4 Ess6 Ini7 IP1
Qualities Criminal SIN, Dark Secret, College Education, Phobia of Robots (mild)
Skills Medicine 5, Chemistry 5, Unarmed(Subdue) 2, Perception 4, Negotiation 4, Pistols 2, Leadership 4, Forgery 2, Cybertech 2, Etiquette(Street) 3, Con 4, Athletics 2, Sneaking 2, Computer 3, Pilot Ground Craft 2, Disguise 1, Impersonation 1, Golfing 1
Knowledge Pharmaceuticals 5+1, Metahuman Anatomy 5+1, UCAS criminal law 3+1, Psychology 3+1, History 3+1, Organlegging 4, Clinics of Seattle 3, Hydroponics 2
Languages English N, Russian 3
Interests American Literature 3+1, Eastern European Folklore 4+1
Weapons Shock Gloves, Parashield Dartpistol, Remington Roomsweeper, Injection Darts+Narcoject x5
Armor Duster 6/4 (SR5 9), Armored Vest 8/6
Gear Medkit 6, Olfactory Scanner 3, Disposable Syringe x11, Long Haul x6, Cram x9, Nitro x10 Chem Patch x2, Sunglasses, AR-Glasses, Subvocalization Microphone, Commlink Sony Emperor, Credstick, Golfclub Umbrella x2, Regular Umbrella, Fake SIN (4) “Bob Cook”
Contacts Cutthroat, Ganger (Lieutnant of Blood Rumblers)
Alex Hess, Surgeon at Redmond General Hospital
Pjotr, Bartender, Touristville “Old Firehose”
Lou Wong, Chinese cook
Lifestyle Low

Born the son of wealthy Eastern-European immigrants in 2041, Stanley recieved the rare privilege of a proper college education. He graduated in 2066 and started to work as a legit Doctor at Redmond General Hospital.

After being kicked out for reasons he doesn’t like to talk about, he fell into a deep depression and spent a year drowning himself in alcohol and self-pity. At length he managed to pull himself together again and got a job at Dr.Bob’s Quickstitch Clinic until it got blown up.

While looking for a new job, he ran into Zachery, Fog and Jet who were carrying two Crimson Crush corpses and three injured hookers around at that time and made him their more or less involuntary accomplice. After helping them to get rid of the corpses and having to stitch several members of the group back together within less than two days, he followed them to the Rat’s Nest where he eventually joined the staff of the clinic.

Stanley’s best friend from college, Alex Hess, still works at Redmond General, though they can’t meet openly anymore since Stanley has become a persona non grata at the hospital.

June 2071

After wrecking the rented RV on the trip to Boston Stanley gets a fake ID and a new haircut upon his return to Seattle.

August 2071
Stanley acquires a sort of astral parasite who causes major depression and, in the end, a very messy suicide. Luckily, his friends notice that something is wrong in time, find out that it’s a magical phenomenon and after some leg work, a suborbital flight to St. Petersburg and a couple of nights spend in the company of an adept capable of fighting spirits and/or under a ward, the spirit seems to have decided to look for an easier meal somewhere else.

Stanley Voynich

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