Trillian Astra

Female Elven Veterinarian

Archetype Animal Vendor, VetTech
Age 41 looking like 25
Gender female
Race Elf
Attributes B3 A4 R3 S2 C3 I3 L4 W3 Edg3 Ess6 Ini6 IP1
Qualities Natural Low-Light(Elf), Addiction(Ketamin , medium)
Skills Animal Handling 4, VetTech 5, Cybertechnology(Repair) 3, First Aid(Gunshot Wounds) 4, Medicine(Trauma Surgery) 4, Chemistry 3, Blades(meat cleaver) 2, Computer 3, Negotiation(Bargain) 2, Perception 3, Ground Vehicles(Scooter) 2
Knowledge Biology 4, Medical Advances 2, Organleggers 2, Psychology 2, Smugglers 2, Small Business 4
Languages English N, Spanish 4, Sperethiel 3, Or’zet 2
Interests Animal Rights Groups 5, Animal Experimental Laboratories 3, Wildlife Documentaries 4, Trance Music 3
Gear Medkit(6), Biomonitor, Metalink Commlink, lots of veterinary drugs, disposable syringes, meat cleaver, saw, hammer, swab, Dodge Scoot
Lifestyle Low, Small Pet-Shop “Little Friends” in Redmond, Touristville, Bazaar-Passage aka “Thieves Market”
Contacts Knobby (Shop helper, 11), Renford (Druggist, 51), Group Contact “Pets-R-Equal” (Radical Animal Rights Group)

The owner of “Little Friends” pet-shop is living in a cramped space, more a pipe passage than a real shop, where there are so many animals stuffed in that every real animal lover just wants to ‘free’ them. The real horror starts in her back room.

Animals range mainly from reptiles like snakes, lizards, geckos over small colorful birds, rodents like mice and lots of rats, hamsters to edible pets like rabbits, cats and small dogs. Added up with the typical six-legged cockroaches and weird insects, spiders and scorpions. The frightened creatures beg to anyone that’s coming into the screaming loud, stuffy, cramped space that is damp and bad lit to buy them and bring them home.

The shop owner herself is a badly disillusioned ex-animal-rights activist that still has the one or other button on her jacket or a blood stained PETA poster at the wall behind the cashier. She’s wearing large glasses and a plastic apron that protects her white clothing from the splatter. Once an idealistic activist she is today just selling out for the best price she can get and tries to hide her past from nosy customers or friends.

Whoever gets taken into the back room, can guess that the surgery is used as well as a slaughterhouse for the animals that didn’t make it through the selling process. Where the meat ends is on speculation as well as what she’s doing with the patients that don’t make it from her examination table.

She’s friendly but intense, highly analytic, talking too much and showing little empathy with anyone who is under her care, man or animal. Sometimes it’s questionable if she is making any difference at all.

A few canister with bleach are standing under the table, that she uses for disinfection.


“This snake is named Kah, exactly like in Disney. – No. It’s not damaged. It was born with one eye.”

“Smell? What smell?”

“In that shoe-box are fifty mice. You get them at the price of forty. You want to count?”

“Yay. That’s nice! That’s a very classic bullet wound. Can I make a photo for my gallery? Interesting blood color. It fragged your liver. Was that a hollow point? Yeah. Broken up I guess. Guess so. I want pay first. How much money do you have?”

“Shall I put the poor thing down? No? Oh! That’s your girlfriend! Oh! Okay. Didn’t know you had sexual intercourse with her. I try to get her through, okay? Please wait outside.”

“I have a good and a bad news. What first? The good one? She is pregnant. The bad? She didn’t make it.”

“Oh that poor little thing. She suffers. I suggest I put her down, it is just a small prick, she won’t feel anything. Then we look, if we find a new one for you, okay? I give you a small discount.” “She’s our friend!” “Oh. She is unique to you? Okay. I try what I can do. But I think it would be better to put her down. Hm. No it’s a clean shot throw the tissue. Those damn gangers. They shot the poor thing just for fun, did they? Hold her still, it will hurt a lot what I do now. Speak calmly to her and pet her head, while I try to see if something of her clothes was taken into the wound by the bullet. She’s such a brave little dog.” “She’s a girl.” “Whatever. If I’m at it, should I sterilize her? She must be already sexually active, is she?”

Trillian Astra

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