member of the Scappers, Razorgirl


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Young razorgirl Twitch has had her implant set just for over two months. Boosters, retractable razornails, muscle implants and brand new Sony cybereyes make her a typical boostergirl on the street. Dangerous and fast as lightning.

But something went wrong. She’s acting twitchy and seems unable to concentrate on anything that is longer than a cutscene in a Hong Kong flic. So to deal with her is rather annoying and she tends to jump into action before she even has thought it through.

She’s wearing typical Scrapper colors, a heavy armor jacket, a knife, a crossbow which she handles so well that she was formerly known as “AiMe”, which was quickly dropped by her friends in favor for her new name after she got boosted.

She’s pretty, Irish, faster than smart and was a bit jumpy and jumping quick into action even before the ’ware messed her nervous system up. A classical street warrior. Maybe one of the best of the Scrappers if there were not this issue.

Archetyp: Razorgirl, Squatter, Gangmember
Places: Rusty Barrel, Main Street, any infamous Runner Bar in the Barrens


Nobody is saying that Neil messed the job up. Not when he’s around. Some say she’s over the edge, but Twitch would never complain. She’s happy as she can be, bummer that nobody is offering her a job as a bouncer, bodyguard or muscle in her condition.

She had geeked a young razorgirl about her age just a few months ago. The ‘ware was sharp as a knife, good alpha grade stuff, things Neil wasn’t used to work with often. But it was just two days after her eighteens and Neil’s policy is ‘no boosters before you’re eighteen’. So it’s her ticket out of here, maybe a ticked to become a shadowrunner.

A dream she has been dreaming for years, knowing every Sim flic that has been on the market, knowing every character, knowing every trick and feature the actors are pulling to put fear into the megacons. But it’s not going like she planned it or imagined it would be.

Instead maybe the chummers of that slut of a runner she geeked for the ware might catch up with her. Chances are good that she’ll get away with the stunt but if word would come out about a new razorgirl, the runner group might catch up with her.

The rest of the Scrappers treat her with respect and she’s always been a bit of a nestling for them, a little sister they tried to protect. Who was kept at the back of the group with her crossbow. Now it’s time for her step forward if she just could remember what the guy was telling her. He was talking so awful slow…


“I-i-i can deal with them. Just g-give me a ch-a-ance. I’m younger. Faster. I snap them Snap! Snap! Snap! Like that! Promise. Just give me a chance. I prove it. Prove!”

“Doc? What’ya mean that’s black ice inside my ware? Hey! Did you see that? I think that was a beep on that machine, wasn’t it? Is that my heartrate? Gosh that’s slow. Look! I caught a fly! See! See! So what about…? What were we talking about? Doc? Can I go now? I have to do something. Think I go jogging. There! Fly! Another one. Damn slow. Haha!”

“Seen that guy behind? What do? Wait? Go? Wait? Go? I go, you wait. Moment. – No. Not hurt. Biomonitor says I’m okay. Just a bit… Wait! I got him. Think I hit him! Ha! See? That’s blood. I follow him down the steps. See? I’ll get him!”


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