Female Human Prostitute


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Archetype Prostitute, Ex-Kiddie Ganger
Age 15
Gender female
Race Human
Size 159cm
Attributes B2 A5 R3 S3 C4 I4 L2 W3 Edg2 Ess6 Ini8 IP1
Qualities Addiction(Novacoke, Medium)
Skills Running(Urban) 2, Gymnastics(Parkour) 3, Free-Fall(Break-Fall) 2, Con(Seduction) 2, Negotiation(Bargain) 2, Etiquette(Street) 2, Escape Artist(Cuffs) 2, Perception(Visual) 3, Pilot Groundcraft(Bike) 2, Sneaking(Urban) 2, Palming(Shoplifting) 3, Survival(Urban) 2, Exotic Weapons(Spray) 2, Leadership(Direct) 2
Knowledge Exquisite Shops(Bellevue) 3, Tactics(Theft) 2, Gang ID 3, Places to Stay 4, Street Rumors 3, Street Drugs 3, Local Area Knowledge 4, Local Police 3, Streetwalking 2, Johns 3, Drug Dealing 3, Traps 2
Languages English(Cityspeak) N
Interests Action Flicks 3, Urban Sports Legends 3, Shopping 2, Neighbourhood Entertainments 4
Gear Flashy Metalink /w prepaid Basic Matrix Service and a hunk of music and illegal downloads of Action Flicks, Trodes-Net
Weapons: Pepper Punch Spray, E-Shocker
Big Purse with Urchin Survival Kit, cheap cosmetics, bigpack of condoms, pregnancy test, cuffs, packet of chewing gum
Drugs: 1 packet of Novacoke, 2 blots of Tempo
1 Checkstick /w 20 nY, 1 /w 10, 2 /w 5
Several cheap clothing, white cargo pants, white tanktop and green jacket /w hoodie, sport shoes, Beaux Retail @ 20 nY
One set of good clothing, 6 Tees(Horizon, Urban Wear) 210 nY for visiting expensive shops in Bellevue
Lifestyle Squatter
Contacts Shady(Pimp & Dealer, 17)
Pawn Shop: Ticks (dwarf, fence)
Kids Corner: Nebraska (13, prostitute, blond), Zoé (17, prostitute, brunette), Fairy Fay (15, prostitute)
Babsie (1x, elf, prostitute)
Zachery (Technomancer, 16, her boyfriend)
Member of Working Girls

Wily Minx has this bright coloured red hair, that you can buy for twenty at NuYou or make yourself in the sink for five. She has a piercing in her nose, a little shining gem in iridescent colors, that changes it’s glare by the light, adding some intensity like those neon colours do. Her hair is short and sassy. She is a living tomboy and has no marks on her arms.

She sniffs. She is always pulling up her nose, that’s how you can see it. Sometimes there is blood running down to her upper lip. Most of the time she is high on something and has this shiny radiance of Novacoke around her, which is most likely what she’s on. She is looking like fifteen, no larger than 160 cm with no obvious visual signs that she’s a girl and is wearing white cargo pants and a white muscle shirt, a jacket with hoodie and a pair of green nikes.

The girl was growing up on the street, run away from her desolate home with thirteen, after the new boyfriend of her drug addict mother raped her to her birthday and gave her fifty creds as a thank you. Before that she tried to get some sponsor at the junior league for parkour running in the community center that was near her home.

But without a safe home left she was running the streets for a while, living mainly from shoplifting and dumpster diving, until she met other kids that offered her to join, after they helped her escape from police. They called themselves The Picas and she found a new home in an abandoned warehouse in north Redmond. She tried to deal drugs for a living and started using a bit with her friends. But the home got destroyed by a war against the Scrappers, who invaded their turf. It was going well for some time and they even managed to start a counter attack, but their gang got wiped out and she hardly made it over the bridge and got away from the massacre.

Her habit was too expensive to be sustained by shoplifting, so she started streetwalking, which she is doing since a few months now.

History with Zachery

During her time with the Picas she was near her fourteenth birthday. She had joined the kiddie gang of the Picas, where she had to proof herself useful and was buying her in through being a public girl. A thing she hated to do. After a few guys had have their fun with her, Zachery found her crying on the outside wall, where the boys had left her. It wasn’t too bad, she said. At least she’s in, she said.

They gone steady soon, he loved her fatalistic sense of humor. And her dream about becoming a professional athlete, a Parkour runner. But without superhuman features like magic or cyberware her chances for a career were anything but non-existent and her social way led her to using Novacoke from time to time to dream about some future to have.

She was smart and with Zachery and her going steady, she managed to upgrade from being a public to being a private girl for him. It was a young and almost innocent love, she providing things to need by stealing from shops. He managed her a job to deal drugs for the gang and stealing. He cared for her when she got ill and showed her the fancy world around on the simple commlink he had. They were dreaming about white sandy beaches and a walk on the Sunset Strip and meeting with all those famous and rich people that live there. She asked him to buy a sailboat and they would sail away to one of those lost islands in the pacific, where they would live all alone. And the beach was not of sand but of coke and the leaves on the trees were five-leaved of mary jane, that spent shadows and coconuts. They laughed about the dream a lot and pretending not to take it serious. But it was. She calmed him down when he got sick himself, weakened by AIPS every time he got near anything electronic and getting more and more often epileptic seizures from it.

Then she got pregnant. She said it was no biggie, because she couldn’t keep it anyway. The gang insisted to own every foetus because the adult gang Blood Rumblers were buying them for 500 creds and arranging the abortion, money the gang needed and they couldn’t support babies anyway. Zachery opposed this but he found her missing a few hours after he had a heavy argument with Pinch and Hose, the gang leader and his second in command.

He met her again two days later, lying totally doped in one of the corners of their club house. The fight about that shit left Zachery bloodstained in one of the back alleys and he had to move on and leave the gang. He tried to contact her and get her out, but it was too dangerous and he wasn’t in the condition to fight anyway.

He never had given her up, but he hadn’t figured a way to get her out neither until he found her being in trouble with that lateral john in his car, who tried to rape and stab her, almost a year later in March ’71.


“We’re working girls”

“Imagine, girls. We go in withdrawal like Babsie did. And then we go renegade, get lost of our macks and work as a team. I start withdrawal tomorrow. Just a last line, I can’t start when I got the shiver. Who goes with me?”

“That was evil, man. This gang came on our turf and we were chilling. They massacred some of our people. But we drove them back, they were stupid, we were smart. We conquered their turn, man. We were just kids, they were full-grown. But then we got backstabbed. Maggie betrayed us, we got slaughtered. I got away alive. Rest of us got wiped. Fuck, all the blood. I never forget the screams. But a modern girl has to have income. You look nice! I know a nice place where we’re not disturbed. It’s just that I need a line. Nothing serious. I’m not an addict, not for real like Nebraska over there. I just want the fun. Come on! Don’t be a drag.”

“If someone taken me for a girl, asshole? Has anybody taken you for a man?”

“See that one here in that Action clip? That’s Doug Dallas. He was training us in the community center. He’s the best parkour runner of the west coast. He was my trainer back that times. Yeah, not for real. He was on social work for drug abuse, ya know? As if using is an issue for the rich. It’s just a crime if you’re poor. But I just hope I get a job at Hollywood Entertainment. They make sims of parkour runners. But I need an implant first. Do you have thirty to spare? I can make your money worth it, if you want. You look nice and rich. Ever fucked a fifteen year old?”

“I’m no real prostitute. I’m doing sports. This is just pin money. I do it for fun. You know, I’m in training. I can do it. I just need the money for the entry fee. You know? What’s you say? Kiss me for luck?”

“Zoé, we nicked at Meyers Groceris, Natural Vat Foods and some of the Family styles. We roamed Fallon and Nelson and The Beaux, but those damn Rent-A-Cops have our faces on their fucking database now. There’s not much left to do. We have to downgrade to family style shops and we can forget about the luxurious ones. We run out of shops soon, fuck, fuck, fuck. We can forget about the big hit from last Christmas where we heaved away a full cart of shit. Maybe we switch to Downtown? Fuck. Hope they don’t share those data. It’s fucking unfair. Fuck the cams.”

“You know what Zach said, when I had him on his collar, screaming at him: ‘You brought us… where? This is the fucking Rat’s Nest! I have a history with this place, you moron!’ ‘But baby, we’ve got health insurance.’ That’s what he needed then.”


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