Ford Americar 2057


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Type Car/Sedan
Brand Ford Americar 2057 removable Hard-Top (can be made a cabrio)
Qualities Obsolete, Reduced Economy
Street Value 250 nY + paint job + gas + tires
Attributes Handl +0 Acc 15/30 Spd 105 Pilot 2 Body 10 Arm 6 Sens 1
Handl 4/3 Speed 3, Acc 2, Bod 10, Armor 6, Pilot 2, Sens 1, tank-volume 65 litres
V8 Motor 4,640cc “Super Turbo-Fire” four-barrel
Passengers 2 doors, 1 hell of a large boot, 2 front and 2 back seats possible 3 on both
Fuel economy 15 litres / 100 km, REAL fucking gas only (5 nY/l)
Options Runflat Tires, Smuggling Compartment, Anti-Theft(3)
not included Options Injection, Nitro-Injection, Turbo-Charger, Convertible instead of removable hardtop (costs room in the boot), Lowrider, and any other customization Comments It has a fucking big boot!

Zachery hacked this oldtimer as his first car. It was due to bad luck or something very bad with this car happening that he almost got roasted on his first job as a technomancer. Zachery madly fell in love with that thing after he recovered from bad brain injuries, even if some people told him, that there are a lot better cars around.

There is something funny about the radio, though, it’s only playing very old oldies from the 1950s on the one matrix webradio connection the aged bord computer is able to receive. The computer has a sweet female voice, that is sadly not compatible with any modern wireless connections, so Zach started to use a simple commlink connected by a standard datajack (luckily that one didn’t change since then) and gets into the ‘head’ of the car by that.

It’s a good feeling driving the old thing and the V8 motor is doing a low bubbling noise running, while it sucks away gas that fast, that the man at the gas station tells you to shut the motor off or he won’t ever get the tank full.

His friends joke about the car, that it’s sucking away the life force of technomancers who drive it. But that’s just one of those stupid urban legends and do nothing to the love of Zach to the beautiful car.


“It’s larger than any parking place in the city. That’s for sure.” – Wily

“It nearly fell off the car jack to break my legs. There’s something weird with that car.” – Roadblock

“I wanna drive it!” – Nebraska

“Has it airbags?” – ZoĆ©

“Has it barf bags?” – Nebraska

“Has anybody some exchange, I need to refuel.” – Zachery

“Do we now rob a bank? Or just the gas station? Look! You can see the fuel gauge move when you drive! Do that roar with that motor again! Jikes! That thing is cool! Can I drive?” – Nebraska

“The last owner killed himself with it. He saw the bill from the gas station and cried himself to death.” – Wily

“It’s cheaper to hire six squatters to pull the thing than to run the motor for an hour.”


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