house system at Glitzy's farmhouse


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Type Machine Sprite
Resonance 2
Attributes Att+1, Data Processing+3, Firewall+2, Ini 7+4D6
Skills Computer, Electronic Warfare, Hardware
Powers Diagnostics, Gremlins, Stability
Free Sprite Powers

HIC (House Interface computer) is the house system of Glitzy’s Farmhouse. He appears as an English butler and he’s not entirely stable. Far from it, actually. He was programmed by the former owner of the house, a survivalist freak who prepared for WWIII and so HIC believes that there is a constant war outside, with atomic winters coming and going roughly every six months.

HIC is, in fact, a sprite and much of his socialization has been done by Fynn. Zach freaked HIC out when he simulated an atomic explosion right in the bunker under the house where HIC lives. Zach had only wanted to show HIC that it would be harmless, but that plan badly backfired and HIC banned Zach from the bunker for quite some time.


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