Kabuki Ronin Katana

Japanese Sword

weapon (melee)
Type Katana
Street Value 1000 nY new
Picture Source Wikimedia

The ordinary Katana was pinched by Content Not Found: ray at Safehouse, Tacoma-Five from one of the Kabuki Ronin and sold for 250 nY to Glitzy. She said it has “bad karma on it”, after she checked it. “Merry Christmas”, she said when she took it. Guess she didn’t like it.

It is an ordinary sword from a mainstream manufacturer, with a lot of Hakobore and other traces of heavy use on it. It’s far from new, it’s far from not used. It’s drenched in blood. The sheath is colored by the red and white of the Kabuki Ronin and has a Kabuki actor emblem on its Tzuba.

Kabuki Ronin Katana

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