Pink Papoose



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Type Scooter
Brand Entertainment Systems Papoose
Qualities Improved Economy, Pimped Ride 1(for rich girls, BAD on the streets)
Street Value 3000 nY
Attributes Handl 4/3 Speed 3, Acc 1, Bod 4, Armor 4, Pilot 1, Sens 1, Seats 1+1
Fuel economy 1 nY / 100 km
Options Anti-Theft(1), foldable shopping basket/emergency seat, cool honk

A Papoose e-bike Nebraska and Jet own. It’s painted hot pink and has not only a nice basket but also a loud oogah horn. Jet was seen pedalling up and down the Nest’s main street to much amusement of the people hanging around.

This fabulous bike had been a prime shelf warmer at Roadblock’s Chop Shop in Touristville for a long time. A very long time. Originally painted black he decided to try to sell it as a girl’s bike, maybe to one of the street walkers in red. But there was only half a bottle of paint left, so he mixed it up with white – it seemed a good idea at the time.

Sadly it was not sold until the day one of his contacts brought in a couple of street chicks and finally the little bratty one got it. She protested first but finally she left the shop with it, together with her much too old boyfriend. Due to his genius selling strategy to make it cheaper than anything.

Besides this sad year in his shop the bike is classy and girly. Once owned by one of the girls of one of the ultra rich living in Bellevue or Queen Ann and nicked by an unknown thief, fixed by Roadblock. One day after he sold it, his luck ran out and a couple of Crimson Crush came in to ask him questions about the guys. They were not satisfied with his cooperation and left him with a broken cheekbone and a broken underarm and waterboarded him with motor oil. He has been in the hospital since.

Without the bike that brought him luck.

Pink Papoose

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