Firefox (Sprite)

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Firefox is a Datasprite, Zachery Compiled and registert a few month ago. He is a good and loyal friend of him and Zac see and treat him more a like his MatrixDog then a tool , and used him to gather his own Library. He learned quit much in the time they spent together. Since Zachery build up a connection to EVO , Firefox got affected by it to and EVO used him like a Bar and tap his milk from him like beer , in exchance for massages, or fruits. Till now Firefox never speaked, just coomunicating with Images and thoughts.

MAY 2071:

After EVO began finaly the population of Zach´s Server , Zach decided to set FireFox to a new level. Over the last Month´s Firefox become very fat comsuming all the data he has gathered. Zach knew that he was almost on his limits and his Server Library needed a as good as possible Librarian who can teach EVO and kept the Data flowing and now that EVO finaly started to give his server Life it had to be done.

He prepared himself as good as possible cause he neather wanted to loose his lovelearned Sprite or harm him during the process.
After a small stumbling block it went very well. With his specialy for that purpose maded comb he slowly decompiled Firefox without hurting him and slowly firefox active essence vanishes. He formed a mass of clay from his Fur and mixed it, order and reorder it manytimes. After that , he fall into a tunnel with just him and his creation. He didnt even realize most of his steps.In a long moddeling Session he formed and reformed his former friend. Improved His code, massaging some more performant Codeparts in it, selecting old trashparts from it and integrate some of his new code into and even upgraded Firefox with a bunch of programms.

After seen his creation almost finished he realised he have spend allmost all the day working on it and realised how “perfect” she was, Zach didnt believed that he are capable of such an creation. he maded a break, wanting after a short recover to “breath” life together with EVO into her what may or may not become true.

Firefox (Sprite)

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