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Shadowrun - The Rat's Nest

Six Flags
Fog's Audios

Six Flags

[Start Audio]
[no time stamp]

I’ve been to Disneyland with my parents when I was a kid and Six Flags ain’t got shit on it. Still decent. Nice rides, good food, no endless lines…
The whole thing was even pretty relaxing until we met that fortuneteller.
So, basically for the first ten minutes.
There was nothing wrong with ‘Madame Esme’, not by default. Just like most of the time, we were the weak link that shattered a potential chain of pleasant events.
Zoé got a prophecy that got her all jazzed but the icing on the cake was that from all the fortunetellers in the world…from the 99% impostors and conman we of course got the one percent who’s the real deal.
After reading us, she seemed spooked and I can’t really blame her for that.
The usual misunderstanding in our line of business happened and when she tried to bail, we stopped her, calm but threateningly told her to stay the fuck away from our million, no matter what she saw.
She promised to behave and told us that this didn’t have anything to do with us, but that Zoé should stay away from the water ride.
A long, drawn out sigh interrupts the flow of words.
As if there ever was a chance that was going to happen.
Let me try to explain this in the most reasonable way…
First, there was a dude near the water ride.
It was warm, he was wearing some kind of full body armor, helmet and all, black as midnight, just standing there mysteriously.
I don’t know why on earth I suggested he was a vampire.
It was just a fucking joke!
Even if, why not just leave that poor asshole alone and enjoy a tranquil day in an amusement park!
Truth be told, vampire or not, that guy seemed like trouble, so I’d rather have us all stay away from him.
Another Sigh.
At some point in the resulting discussion about parapersons I was this close to call Circe de Soleil ‘cause the girls were seriously flipping their shit about this.
Nebraska wanted to stake and probably simultaneously fuck him or something, at least she couldn’t stop talking about absurdly long vampire schlongs and Zoé had this ‘must fly straight into the light’ gaze she always has right before doing something stupid.
Against better judgment, we told her to stay away from the ride and since no clairvoyance held the rest of us back, we hopped right in.
There was a guy with a serious lack of sleep and/or a nasty cough with us, but I’ll get to him later.
Right at the top we saw Zoé, walking over to the dude in the black armor, seemed like she would offer him a drink.
Shame we couldn’t fetch the pic you get at the end of each ride…‘cause 4 people facepalming in unison without faking it? That’s something.
When that thing was slow enough Nebraska and I jumped out of our wagon, sprinted to Zoé’s ‘rescue’.
She was happy enough about her second prophecy which was meeting a mysterious stranger… And Nebraska joined in, both droning on about going back to the Haunted House with him.
I tried my best to stop them, I really did.
Even played along with the whole vampire thing to stop them from endangering their lives and the run.
At some point I just snapped.
Especially at Zoé.
You know I… Oh screw this.
I’m just spent. I’m done saving this self-righteous belligerent bitch.
She won’t grow, she refuses to learn, she couldn’t negotiate or even lie her way out of a wet paper bag, is borderline useless in combat and contributes virtually nothing but trouble again and again.
Pulling this whole thing off with her is as painful as having a rusty bear trap clamped to your face and I can’t fucking take it anymore!
Phew, spirits, that felt good…
To make it short, they both survived, I couldn’t care less why that armored dude was content enough with spooking them.
Oh, and that weird guy from the water ride was possessed by a tempo spirit and went berserk or something. We left the park in time and I knew better than to take him on.
I need a break now…

[End Audio]

Natural Disasters
Fog's Audios

Natural Disasters

[Start Audio]
[no time stamp]

Alright I can deal with kleptomaniac ravens and flooded highways. No problem.
Getting ripped off at the border ‘cause of a souvenir? No offense taken.
Losing matrix connection and home support ’cause Glitzy is now a fucking satellite terrorist? Well, I guess that happens all the time to a lot of people.
I even don’t mind too much when wannabe go-gangers try to ruin our day, almost kill Jet and shoot me nine times.
Yes, nine times.
Close shave.
If there’s any state where I can marry my armor, I swear to all spirits, I will.
But…it’s actually pretty humbling to reflect on one’s mortality… So, no hard feelings.
I’m only starting to question Karma’s intentions and good taste when friggin’ tornadoes start throwing fully grown trees through our windshield and wild furry cows, aka buffaloes, aggressively try to make out with our RV.
Being a follower of the athlete’s way and a survivor at heart I’m used to tough rides and I think you got by now that I enjoy challenges.
But Spirits, this whole trip feels like juggling chainsaws… while on fire.
Buuuut….Despite all the whining, we’re okay.
We juryrigged a new system for the RV after the storm wrecked the old one.
He’s called Bob, got a nice spray-painted face and is a patchwork abomination salvaged from our trideo and some freeware programs.
At least we managed to limp to the next town to get a replacement car.
Our insurance will love us for this.
To kill some time the gang wants to go visit Six Flags, some kinda amusement park.
I have a bad, bad feeling about this…

[End Audio]

Little Lies
Tobias' Log

Another update on our chocolate: they made it to the Sioux Nation at least.

After that little interlude in Spokane, they got detained by police for a short time and managed to bribe their way out of it. The rescue mission for the two girls back in Spokane went over less than perfect and it seems Nebraska had a meltdown, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. But they got their act together and drove on. The next thing really wasn’t their fault, could have happened to anyone, they got targeted by some go gang or rather some kids who want to be a go gang when they grow up.

I must say they handled that well, all things considered. One of the ganger is dead, but only because his friend miss-aimed and shot him instead of Mr. Sullivan. By the way, I have the information you wanted, find the files attached. Everyone else is alive and our runners are mostly unhurt, with the exception of Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Kyldrasic, but he is a quick healer. They got once again questioned by police, but it was only a routine thing. Their fingerprints and SINs (the fake ones) are in the system now, though.

Crossing the border into Sioux Nation could have gone better, but it could have gone a lot worse, too. Customs pulled their usual bullshit and kept them waiting for hours while they went over the RV and transporter with a fine-tooth comb, but except for some porcupine quills, they didn’t find anything. That cost them 1000 NY, about twice as much as would have been the normal fine. Also, social services were called in because the girls played the ‘kids with behavioral problems’-card a bit too hard. Nothing came of it except some uncomfortable questions regarding Mr. Voynich’s conduct.

They also lost their satellite connection, but again, through no fault of their own. Right now, they are camped out in the middle of nowhere, which pretty much describes the whole state of Montana this side of the border.

Catching Up
Rusty's Vlog

Camera activates and pans over a lake in the sunlight, surrounded by firs, pines, some alders and birches. The viewpoint is high up and when Rusty turns the camera around, he has climbed a tree and sits on a large branch, his back against the trunk. The wind’s rustling in the leaves and birds sing loudly . Below, a small creek flows into the lake.

I need some time by myself, the Nest is just too fucking busy to think.

First of all, Brigit‘s okay. She needs some time to get used to her new body, but she’s just as sharp as she used to be. And I don’t know where she got her looks, but people turn their heads when she walks by. That’s awkward for her, she’s a fourteen year old kid inside, but she doesn’t look it any more. She’ll get used to it and in the meantime, I’m happy to turn people’s heads back around for them. But all in all, she handles it well. We rented her her own container, we wanted to do that anyway. But she still hangs around with me a lot and I wouldn’t want it any different. My little sister…she’ll grow up soon enough.

I got myself some cyberware. I didn’t ask where Neil got the body, but there were some nice reaction enhancers inside and I was top of the list for those. It feels weird, but I’m getting used to it. I’m faster, now. Not seriously boosted like Growler or Twitch, that shit’s too much for me. But it gives me an edge and I like that.

There’s a good chance I’m going to need it because I want to make good with Colm. When I ran away, I broke the promise I made to him and it’s been bugging me ever since. There’s no way I’m going to go back, working for the mob again. But I want to at least apologize and explain myself. I know that this is probably a spectacularly bad idea. Might get me killed or land me in the clinic for a long while. Still, I’m going to do it. I don’t plan on going there empty handed, I think that I have a fair offer to make with a free smuggling flight. I hope it helps.

I also made a trip to the Funhouse. People have been talking about it so much, saying that you can get anything there for cheap. I wanted to get Ling a camera, a real one. Not a commlink cam, a real camera with a good zoom lens and stuff. Old school, but these things still take amazing photos. Han got me in touch with a guy who can rustle up an adapter for the tech. It took me a while, but I did find a camera. And not just that, there were lenses and lights and filters and all kinds of stuff. I probably paid too much for it, but I don’t care. It’s still far less that I would have paid anywhere else.

The girl who helped me find my way around the Funhouse, Cash, she’s something. Tells me all about how everything should be free, even and especially love and sex and by the way, how about we fuck? I think her world view took a kick to the knee when I said I wasn’t interested. She couldn’t shut up about how old fashioned relationships are and that it’s selfish and people should just give away everything they’re asked for. From the way she talked, no-one ever told her no, no matter what. If that’s how it is at the Funhouse, whatever floats your boat. Not my style, though.

But she’s sixteen or so and has lived there all her life, so what can you expect. She’s not dumb and after she finally stopped pissing on everyone and everything that doesn’t work like she wants it to, we talked for a while. She’ll come to the Nest, for a crash course in first aid at the med station and when she starts preaching at the Nest, that won’t go over well with people. Plus she has a crush on me, like this serious teenager crush, and I’m not sure how to handle that. I told Ling about it and she promised not to kick Cash through any walls. Probably.

But hey, depending on how the talk with Colm goes, that’ll be the least of my worries then.

camera deactivates

Little Things
Neil's Journal

We’re in the middle of a war zone and the Barrens are looking at a tough time, it seems that KE has decided to starve the gangs out. Yeah. Like that’s going to help.

But life goes on and little things happen. Dawn and Ela have finished their tree house or at least it’s done so far that they can move in. They plan on adding to it. It’s really quite charming and they are thrilled to have their own space. Ruby and me can start refurnishing the guest room for the twins…which lead to some discussion over how much technology we will need to raise our kids. We’ll meet somewhere in the middle, I guess.

Kiki is building herself a small cabin at Crescent Lake and she will run a small shop and pharmacy from there. We can use something like that – I’ve talked to her and the clinic will cooperate with her, people will be able to get her potions for minor illnesses on prescription.

I’ve had a conversation with the Draco Foundation a couple of days ago. Fog has asked them for a grant to clean up the fertilizer plant and to get Esmeralda her new legs and since I will be the one to operate on her, they wanted a bit of background. I feel a bit anxious, having their attention. So far, obviously, no strike team has come to abduct me and we’ve always been careful about Eric. There are so many rumors about what happened to him and many are a lot more believable than ‘hey, this washed-up street doc did what no-one else has managed to do’. I did tell them about my friendship with John and may have slightly exaggerated on my experience in treating him. I warned him about that exaggeration, in case they want to check with him.

Chill came to me last week with Trey in tow and wanted to know what had happened. I had no idea, but Trey looked like he got thrown under a bus. Stanley had already treated him, so there wasn’t much I could do and Trey wouldn’t say what happened. Said that some people didn’t like his face and that it was not worth making a fuss about. I send Stanley a message, maybe he knows what happened. But with Chill around, I couldn’t get Trey to talk. He looks like shit, by the way, and so does Chill. Both eaten away by Tempo, the one by taking the actual drug and the other by the need to get the money for it.

Eric is in the middle of a depression. He’s had that problem forever now and half turning into a ghoul has not helped at all. Getting together with Nebraska made him feel better, but depression isn’t healed by a relationship and it doesn’t even help to know that one should feel good because everything’s fine. I suspect he skipped on his medication, he sometimes does because he’s never been happy to have to rely on that. But at the moment it’s all he can do just to get out of bed and manage a couple of hours of work, so I hope it won’t take that much convincing to get him to take it again. And I won’t experiment with his medication unless I really have to, it works quite well when he does take it and together with the painkillers for his back, we’re out of options for an alternative. I might ask for Rusty to help me if I need to.

Rusty has a lot of his plate right now, though. Brigit has started to goblinize and has turned into an ork. She took it hard and worries that people will call her a freak and no-one will fall in love with her, at least no-one she wants. I don’t think she has to worry about that because frankly, she’s stunning. That will take some getting used to, after all she was just a kid of thirteen years old a week ago and now, she looks like a young woman. Physically, she did well during the transition and there was no brain damage or problems with her skeleton or muscles. She just has to grow into her new body now. But I’ll bet she’ll be the subject of some bar brawls. Rusty probably won’t take kindly to people catcalling his little sister.

Since I’m gossiping here, Diego has finally caught on to the fact that Selma has been flirting with him for the last couple of month. I won’t dare to comment on his obliviousness since I am probably holding the current record with three years of total ignorance. In any case, Simon told him and he talked to her, resulting in a date. I really hope it works out for them. Diego is not the easiest person to be around, but I think Selma can handle him.

Frettchen's Therapy Sessions

[Recording Session, Session ID SEA#0002]

Pale blue light flickers and creeps through the inside of a Van. The place could be called comfy, but it’s a hopeless mess of clothes, cables and spare parts at the moment.
‘Goodday, Doc. How are you?’
A tall, lean elf sits cross legged in front of the trideo and the flickering image of a bald man in a worn out tweed jacket.
‘I’m fine, Miss Aidee. Are you ready for today’s session?’, he asks and lifts his notepad with an encouraging smile.
‘Yes, let’s get this over with…’, the woman answers, rolling her amber eyes.
‘Excellent. So, tell me, how is Seattle treating you, have you settled in yet?’
‘It’s not too bad. I miss the good kind of punks, everyone over here is either an asshole or a racist asshole and people keep calling me Ferret because they’re too stupid to make a proper ch-sound… But yeah, I’m happy enough to be alive after the, uh, mess at home.’
The therapist makes notes, silently scribbling and visibly annoying his conversational partner.
‘Very good’, he concludes, but raising a brow. ‘So you have found a new job, yes?’
‘Kind of.’, she dodges.
‘Nothing shady, I hope. That is not a healthy fresh start, Miss Aidee.’
‘Yeah, yeah… I know. It’s what I’m good at, though. I mean, it’s my conscience, Doc, right?’
Her answer turned out to be more defensive than she intended. ‘Sorry, sorry…I’ll behave and stuff.’
‘I’m not here to push you, I am here to give you counsel and good advice, miss Aidee. From what I’ve gathered, you’re good at many more things, why not make a living out of those?’, he suggests.
‘Because those are boring. Can we talk about something else, please?’
‘Of course…’ the doctor flips a page and gives the green-haired elf a stern look. ‘Have you “called” Doc Wagon recently?’
Frettchen seems to struggle a bit. ‘Yes…Maybe?’
The doctor sighs. ‘And there I thought we were making progress. I don’t have to remind you that tapping into emergency frequencies AND disturbing them is illegal. So I just inform you that we have to start over if you want to successfully overcome this issue.’
‘Oh for fuck’s sake…’, she groans. ‘Not this again. I should’ve never have downloaded you…’
‘If you aren’t satisfied, Miss Aidee, you can always call customer service. Until then I must ask: if you would truly think your purchase was a mistake, why do you still consult me?’
She gives the virtual shrink a long, frustrated glare, but then clears her throat. ‘Guess because you are the only one I don’t need to lie to. Feels good to just talk for a change without making shit up.’
‘Do you want to conclude this session?’, he asks politely.
‘Will I see you next session?’
‘We’ll see about that, doc.’, she says, grinning and switching of the trideo.

The Affairs of Dragons
Christopher's Log

In all my life, I have only ever seen a great dragon once and I intend to keep it that way. Nevertheless, I’m involved in the affairs of dragons now.

Part of this is the fact that I need to come up with enough money to pay for someone to care for Melissa. She cannot be left alone and on bad days, she needs constant looking after. I tried, but this is not something one person alone can do. We’ve talked about moving, but we’ve both lived in Seattle all our lives and we won’t take root anywhere else now. So money’s the rational explanation, but I’m also curious. Morbidly so, probably, but I never could leave a secret alone.

It all started harmless enough. Fiach entroduced me to a friend of his, Rosìn. I told Fiach about my money problems – not something I usually talk about, but that kid knows how to listen. Rosìn said she might have a job for me, at a detective agency. Tyrell Agency, never heard of it. But they needed a magical consultant and I came with a lifetime experience as a forensics expert, so I agreed. Rosìn isn’t quite the little librarian she tries to pass herself off as – her magic is more powerful than mine and I’m reasonably sure that she is also the person behind Tyrell.

The branch of Tyrell here in Seattle (I don’t think there are others, whatever their website says) consists of an alcoholic ex-ex- Knight Errant and ex- Hard Corps Lieutenant, Roger Kowalski, and his partner in more sense than one, Babsie. They’ve been investigating a series of arsons plus murders at talismongers. We did a bit of digging and all the shops were probably selling dragon telesma. That has always been risky, but now it seems to have become deadly. Wanda tells me that similar arsons have happened not only in the rest of the UCAS, but also in Europe. Most talisleggers who ever had something to do with selling dragon body parts have gone to ground.

The first crime scene was too fresh to do anything magical there, but the one at the Renton Mall was old enough to enter safely. Babsie went in, with a little help from a spirit of mine, and grabbed some containers I pointed out to her and the glasses of the shopkeeper. The containers were used to store illegal or at the very least questionable reagants: fairy dust and testicles from awakened raccoons. The glasses were a break-through for us, after we got them to a psychometry expert. They got us the description and a picture of the drake responsible for this murder and, we’re fairly sure, the others.

He said to the shopkeeper that he was seeking revenge for Pyridian, a young dragon from Scotland who came to North America with his sibling. It seems he did not find good fortune here. The picture was good enough for me to send a spirit to search for him, while I went on a little hike up in the Cascades foothills to make myself a bit harder to find. Albert didn’t find the drake, but he did find a dying man, another private detective who had followed the drake here from California. He gave me his room number and the code for his safe and Babsie and Kowalski went to get his notes while I waited for Doc Wagon to show up. Mike survived and we got his notes, but only just. There’s a chance that the drake’s people have seen the agency’s car and maybe both Kowalski and Babsie. But so far we’re still alive.

Mike’s notes mention a couple of names for the runners the drake hired and a talismonger import/export firm named Virgin Mana. Wanda has met their people before, coming to her place to recruit talisleggers. I get the impression she was not kind when she discovered this. She also pointed me in the direction of the Cocoon as a place to investigate. It never had a very good reputation, but these days it’s even worse. We’ll see what we can find out there.

It feels quite good to work like this again. Not just as a freak, hired because it needs to be done, with everyone treating me like I’m little better than the criminals I’m hired to find.. Babsie at least is more curious than anything and doesn’t hold much prejudice. A rare thing.

Ghost Town
Rusty's Vlog

camera activates: Rusty‘s walking through woodland, pine and firs, his steps quiet on the carpet of needles. He comes out of the woods behind an abandoned lumber mill and stops walking for a moment. The camera pans as he takes in his surroundings, listening. But there’s nothing to hear except some jays and he walks on, following the street into town. What’s left of it anyway, a handful of decaying homes, some scrappy cars still parked in the street, a gas station. The towns has been abandoned for years obviously.

Abandoned Lumber Mill


He walks towards the gas station. There’s some police tape, flapping in the breeze, encircling the pump stations and a padlocked manhole cover that probably leads down to the empty gas tank. Rusty turns full circle, looks around, obviously searching for something or someone.

Fuck. Where are you?

He walks closer to the police tape, cranes his neck, but there’s nothing much to see. A dark spot on the tarmac a few meters down the street catches his eye and he walks over, gets down on one knee for a closer look. He gingerly touches it and his fingers rub off some flaky red stuff, dried blood. He stands up again, quickly, and turns once again, like he’s expecting an attack any second.

Fuck it, time to go.

He starts walking down the street back to where he came from. He jumps when he hears the bang of a door, pulls his crossbow and almost fires at the girl running towards him. She looks terrible, covered ins scrapes and bruises, her clothes torn and dirty and she’s sweating and stumbling, barely able to keep herself on her feet. Rusty catches her before she runs into him.

What happened here? Where’s the other girl? Let’s get her and we can get out of here.

She just starts crying, shaking her head and in between sobs, Rusty can understand enough to gather that Red Eye is dead. He picks up Dakota and starts walking.

No sense in hanging around here. You can tell me about it later, let’s get on our way.

A break in the recording. When the camera activates again, Rusty’s driving up a mountain pass. Dakota is uneasily sleeping on the back seat, he checks on her now and again in the rear view mirror.

Shit. What a fuckup. The cops found them, they conjured up a spirit to help them search. The girls tried to run but they didn’t stand a chance. Dakota says Red Eye suddenly turned back, gave her a shove to run on and stood her ground. When one of the cops tried to grab her, she reached for his gun and he shot her. Dakota made it out of town and stumbled into a ravine, almost broke her neck tumbling down the rocks, blacked out on landing. The cops must have left her for dead or maybe they didn’t find her. She clawed her way out of there and only just made it back into town on time. She’s in bad shape, I think she broke a couple of ribs and her shoulder and she’s in pain anyway from going cold turkey. I just hope the border cops don’t take a close look at her. I’ll stop at some gas station before we get there, make her a bit more presentable and then hope for the best.

Road to Nowhere
Nebraska's Log

Our group planned to rape right through fucking NAN! With a van full of True Schok ana fucking big RV, which they said I may drive. They asked us for gear and I said I’d need a Chamaeleon Suit, one of that things that I’ve seen in that simflick “Ninja Nuicance Cyberwarriors”. Flick was lame, cause they cut out all that gutripping and nipplescenes. And I hate when they do that. But they were invisible! SLASH HACK GUTRIPPING (censored-doh)

Still need a mean vibrosword to be invincible. But I had evil masterplan! Going full undercover nobody expects me to carry out revenge rescue masterplan for Dakota an’ Red Eye. Got snatched riding trains with Dakota in fuckin’ screwtown whatever, near Spokane. Dakota an me were Waggonhitchin’ all through country but bad county cops got hands on us, meh they got me but Dakota could have run away, but stopped. Tried ouch-spray into the eyes of dumbass county deputy fucktroll. But dipwit got cybereyes an’ then everything gone sideways.

They needled us an’ then brought to court! Fuckass jury was blind not listening to Nebraska or Dakota, yellin’ an’ accusing and got bitchslapped again until resistance futile. Illegal, said we sinless, we drugaddict was lie! We’ve stolen, we thieves an’ illegal hitchhikin’ an’ we yelled ‘no we not’, but bitchslap an’ gagged after that. Said me an’ Dakota illegal vagabonds and have serve community service and detox in protected facility for own sake. BLAM lawhammered.

Reality different. Needled us badly. Fucked us both an’ worse. Until we no yelling no more. No protest. Just bliss-junkies. Was camp and Dakota and me sure dead if not Red Eye helping. Giving us smuggled herbs, meds, vitamins an’ shit. They’d made us work hard laborwise, sexwise, community fucked. Cause we just Anglo junkie whores, nobody care. Got fucked by at MINI 80yo fart for community service. Needed that for some medical issues I guess. Always hoped he’ll not snuff under me for sure will got beaten up if did.

Whatever. Me free now. Me cyberninja, proto. And got this Rigger-Bad-Ass-Cyber-Leather-Helmet with goggles and suit I’m almost as good as CYBERNINJA. So fuck you NAN! I’m coming over you an’ I’ll fuck you bad this time!

Me no more victim. Nebraska comin’ for revenge. Burnin’ whole fuck’n town down killing everyone in wake.

Okay. That’s plan. Like subtil like I learned, for I’m full proto-runner now. First problem was at bordercrossing. Got that feather in my hair an’ they said I must put away fucking pigeon feather. Man, that’s lame. I deserved to piss on every fuckin’ NAN fragger I see and they didn’t get the joke. Pigeon is like air-rat an’ I’ve fucking Jet when on tempo in pigeon booth. They called it cultral appropthefuck. And I: WHAT? They explained and I understand.

Nebraska is smarter than they know. It’s like snarf someones culture for fun. But they didn’t understand this no fuck’n FUN for me! That’s MISSION! And mission is above pride, so I put feather away. I got right to piss on fuckin’ feather people. EARNED RIGHT BADASS They all liars and rapists an’ pimps an’ an’ an’ false tongues for saying “We nice Eco country” but reality is FUCKIN BAD. If you’re anglo. If you’re girl. If you’re thirteen world is sick ’n shit.

So we were camping in nice place by Honeymoon fuck’n Bay. All part of MASTERPLAN. I’ve been talking to Fog for know he’d understand position. That I wanna help Dakota an’ Red Eye out of sick camp from sicko church, “Lost Souls Reclaiming” fuck you very much which was front and nicesigning for KZ girls rape camp.


Plan this: Fog, Jet, Full-Ninja-Me going in over waterside, swimmingwise which sounds easy. For turning up from water like frogmen and crossbowing all suckers silently, getting out Dakota and Red Eye is a plan that’ll work. Did work in “Ninja Frogmen Commando” gameplay too! Mega SOLID RUNNER PLAN!
People calling me… gotta GO

P.S:: I found this CLIP on archives! That’s so SANE! Totally understand that! What I want! FEATHERS in boxes!

Tobias' Log

Boss, you asked for a status report on those kid runners. I tracked them, no problem and from what I’ve seen, they’ve kitted themselves out nicely. Well prepared. They’re taking the highway through the NAN and I think that’s probably a wise decision. The UCAS/ SSC border was easy, but that’s not the border I’d worry about if I was them.

Right now they’re sitting at some campground near Spokane and I thought they were done for the night. And maybe they are, but the police scanners are exploding with activity. Someone broke into a rehab center and abducted two girls. The description of at least one of them sounds worryingly like one of their guys.

I nibbled a bit around the edges of that rehab center and believe me, it stinks. I don’t know for sure what they are doing there, but it’s probably not legal to say the least. I’m thinking forced prostitution.

Road blocks are going up all over the place and there’s an BOLO out for a pickup. At least they were smart enough not to use one of their own cars, but the pickup is hot, they need to ditch it and get the hell out of there. Police is looking for armed and dangerous suspects – so far they’ve one used a flashbang and a foam grenade, but the sheriff isn’t taking any chances. I’ll keep you updated as things develop.


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