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  • Susi Winters

    Susi "Ygreque" Winters is [[:ronald-winters | Ronald's]] wife and [[:glitzy | Glitzy's]] sister-in-law. She tends to steamroller people and places, taking command and it's not hard to see who steers the ship in her marriage with Ronny.

  • Trillian Astra

    The owner of "Little Friends" pet-shop is living in a cramped space, more a pipe passage than a real shop, where there are so many animals stuffed in that every real animal lover just wants to 'free' them. The real horror starts in her back room. …

  • Frettchen

    h3. Personal Therapy [Recording Session, Session ID SEA#0002] Pale blue light flickers and creeps through the inside of a Van. The place could be called comfy, but it’s a hopeless mess of clothes, cables and spare parts at the moment. ‘Goodday, Doc. …

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