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  • Dr. Patrick "MadPet" O'Connor

    Paddy is working in the Catholic Community General hospital and is a poor but well respected psychatrist, well shrink and brain surgeon who is consulted in cases of serious dysfunctional behaviour of patients. He lives in a [[Joshua N'Clement Block | …

  • Trishna

    Trishna came to the [[UCAS]] from India after she had been the victim of an acid throwing attack by her own family who did not tolerate her decision to become a doctor insisted of marrying the man they had chosen. She's an illegal immigrant and, despite …

  • Mela

    Mela used to be a med tech, but she lost her job when the clinic was bought out by a corporation and most of the staff were laid off. These days, she runs the [[Ork Underground]]'s clinic and has easily as much knowledge and skills as a doctor.

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