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  • Babsie

    Working at the corner under [[:kowalski-roger | Kowalski's]] office, the young elven prostitute is fighting survival in a world that has no mercy for a girl like her, alone on the street. She'll do anything to survive or to get a way out of the path that …

  • Zoé

    She looks sixteen, maybe seventeen but she tries to look younger, taking G3 every day to keep herself in the bizz, popping it just about daily. Her skin complexion is darker, maybe some latino blood in her veins, if you filter out the other stuff first. …

  • Shari

    Shari has been working as a prostitute to pay for her Bliss addiction for years. After yet another arrest, she was locked up at the [[Maria Magdalene Sanatorium | Maria Magdalene Sanatorium]].

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