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  • Dog

    Dog is [[:neil-munroe | Neil's]] spirit guide and he usually takes the form of [[:snautz | Snautz]] when he appears to Neil. He has helped Neil learn to cope with his magical abilities and serves as a mentor for all things [[Magic | Awakened]] in Neil's …

  • Tree Spirit

    A spirit [[:neil-munroe | Neil Munroe]] met during his stay in the wilderness for his Initiation. At first the spirit was annoyed by Neil who had gathered wood for a fire, thus disturbing the spirit's domain. But when it found out that Neil could talk to …

  • Ytong

    Ytong is an earth spirit who turned into a toxic spirit when his [[Fertilizer Plant | home]] was contaminated.

  • Crow

    Crow is [[:fog | Fog]]'s mentor spirit, since Fog's vision quest in April 2071. He takes the form of an American Crow, maybe a bit larger than average and a lot more sarcastic.

  • Meredith

    Meredith is or rather was a [[Scrappers | Scrapper]] who was killed during the [[Damage Done |raid]] on the [[Rat's Nest | Rat's Nest]]. He was hit by a water canon, knocked out and froze to death because he wasn't found in time. [[:neil-munroe | Neil]] …

  • Baba Yaga

    Baba Yaga is a spirit the group met on a [[Witches and Kings | metaquest]]. She helped them, for a price. [[:fog | Fog]], by accident, broke the terms of their agreement and payed even more- he developed uncontrollable psychometry every time he touched …

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