Type: go-gang / motorcycle club
Turf: Well… The whole of Seattle? Usually they occupy what and where they want. Their greatest influence is in Tarislar and around Puyallup but they are not unopposed there.
Colours: Green on black with silver
Members: Only elves
Size: Worldwide around 15,000, in Seattle maybe 350
Activities: Arms trade, toll, protection money, BTL, drugs
Enemies: Meat Junkies, Tigers, Emerald Dogs and, not to forget, Yakuza, Laésa-Syndikat, Humanis Policlub and… and… and…
Armistice: Spikes, Cutters, Helloweeners
Friends: They don’t have friends.
Auxiliaries & Business relations: First Nations, Eastsiders, the Koshari, the Komun’go-Seoulpa and Tír Tairngire


“Fuckin’ gate campers. This fucking fairies find it funny to hunt you down thirty to one. It’s nothing noble about them. They’re just arrogant bastards that give you barely a chance. They had no reason but that didn’t stop them anyway. They’ll pay for that. Thirty to one.” – Cameo

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