Chicago, these days, is more or less a wasteland. After insect spirit hives took over much of the city, it got closed off, bombed with a small atomic missile (magically shielded to avoid fallout) and sprayed with mana-eating bacteria. Everyone who could leave has done so. The rest try and make a living in what is left. Much of Chicago is magically dead, but there are areas that are still active and there are still hives. It’s not a place where you just visit, even though a bold scavenger may find objects worth the risk.

Only few people live in the greater area around Chicago and nature is left to her own devices there. The wildlife, both fauna and flora, is exceptional, with species found nowhere else and everything in abundance. Of course, that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. High prices are paid for specimens of certain plants, especially when they grow only close to the actual city.




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