Cost Table

How much does your life cost?

To give your characters a feeling of how much life costs here is a small table. In the Rat’s Nest some things may be cheaper, some may be more expensive or not to have at all. It’s all economy and it depends where you try to get things and how you try to get them.

Service Cost
Dataterm 0,5 nY/min
Vending machine clothes (“flats”) 5 nY
Private room at restaurant or club 100 nY/h
Private room with privacy features† 200 nY/h
Safehouse 500 nY/day
Prostitute services 20-50 nY
Meat puppet parlor 50 nY/h
Escort service 100 nY/h
Bodyguard service 200 nY/day
Private Investigator 100-500 nY/day
Medical insurance 200 nY/week
Housing Cost
Coffin hotel (24 hours) 30 nY
Hostel (24 hours) 30 nY
Motel room (per hour) 20 nY
Motel room (24 hours) 100 nY
Hotel room (24 hours) 200 nY
Suite (24 hours) 500 nY
Luxury suite (24 hours) 1000 nY
Food (per person) Cost
1L Mineral Water 0,5 nY
Vending machine meal 2 nY
Fast food meal 5-10 nY
Breakfast or Lunch 10-15 nY
Dinner 20-25 nY
Dinner at fancy restaurant 100-200 nY
Entertainment Cost
Nightclub admission 15-50 nY
Live performance 10-200 nY
Standard drinks 5 nY
Premium drinks 10-15 nY
Ticket to major sporting event 20-50 nY
Season tickets 2000 nY
Trid movie or simflick 15 nY
Sim/gaming parlor 30 nY/h
Travel Cost
1L Multifuel 3 nY
1L Gas 5 nY
City Transport
Public transport (bus, rail) 1 nY/10 km
Public transport (1 week pass) 20 nY
Taxi 1 nY/km
Z-zone taxi· 10 nY/km
Commuter air 10 nY/km
Parking (1 hour) 6 nY
Parking (all day) 25 nY
Car rental (1 day) 100 nY
Car rental (1 week) 500 nY
Air travel 0,1 nY/km
Suborbital/semiballistic flight 0,5 nY/km
Local flight 1 nY/km
Rail fare 0,2 nY/km
Bus fare 0,1 nY/km
Bus/Rail 1-month pass 250 nY
Body Fashion Cost
Tattoo 50-1000 nY
Whole-body dye 275 nY
Piercing 20-250 nY
Branding 150-500 nY
· More charges may apply depending on threat level and damage.
† Privacy features: white noise generator and astral wards.
Lifestyle Cost
Squatter 500 nY/month
Low 2000 nY/month
Medium 5000 nY/month
High 10000 nY/month
Luxus 100000 nY/month
Matrix Service Cost
Basic 25 nY/month
Advanced 50 nY/month
Premium 100 nY/month
Disposable Commlink(R1Si3Sy2F1) 300 nY including Basic Service 1 week
Hacker Services Cost
Hacking a passcode Hacking *500 nY
Setting up a hidden account Hacking *1000 nY
Copying a certified credstick Halve the amount
Spoofing a lifestyle (1 month) Halve the lifestyle
Jacking a vehicle or drone Hacking * 200 nY
DOS attack on an individual (1h) Hacking * 200 nY
Tracing a datatrail Hacking * 100 nY
Renting a botnet Bots* Cost of Bots * 0,5 nY/h
Buying a botnet Bots* Cost of Bots * 5 nY
Anonymizing proxy service Reroutes * 10 nY/day
One time disposable commcode 10 nY
Numbered credit account 100 nY/month
One time disposable credit account 10% of deposit
Escrow service 10% of deposit
Docwagon Contracts Cost
Basic 5000 nY/year
Gold 25000 nY/year
Platinum 50000 nY/year
Super-Platinum 100000 nY/year

Bounty for dangerous critters

The Vermin Problem Bounty Spreading Caution
estimated 5-10 rat per human
Demon Rat 100 nY comes average on 200 devil rats can transmit VITAS
Devil Rat 5 nY comes average on 50 rats can transmit VITAS
Rat 0 nY you think we’re stupid? Ya would farm them
The Infected problem Bounty Body Part Caution
Ghul and alikes 500 nY for the head transmits Krieger strain HMHVV
Vampire and alikes 1000 nY for the head transmits HMHVV disease
Please deliver sealed items in transparent plastic at the nearest police station or disease control center.
Private Contracts Bounty Contact Contractor Condition
Technomancer high sum Unknown: Contact shadow fixer first alive, no brain injuries


Exchange (varies)

Barren Bargains from to
Medkit 10 litres clean water
Pistol food for three days
Clip Ammunition 5 litres multifuel
Shoes food for a day
Carton of cigarettes 8 litres moonshine
Candy plain clothes (flats)
Toolbox Squat for two days

Reference: Taken from SR4 Sourcebook, SR4 Unwired

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Cost Table

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