Music in the Barrel

There are regular sessions that are posted on the black board of the Barrel. People come if they are in the mood and want to commit some music, but it’s more like a pub event session than a concert. Well some of the musicians have been training for years and can be considered very skilled musicians, their status as amateurs is just because nobody pays them (except with booze).


Chinese Community centre

The Chinese play mahjong and wéiqí in their Community Center. You meet a lot of old folks there.

The Vietnamese

Social live revolves around a restaurant and a bathhouse.


To get sex in this world is easy. To get love is some of the most rare wares to trade. If you want to just mess around, it cheap to do it in the matrix. You’ll find some cheap cybersex all around the world, the girls of Faye in the Nest offer their service to everyone that pays their 15 bucks an hour.

If you prefer the real deal, the girls on the street offer their service for twenty to fifty bucks an hour, depends on what they have to offer and what you like them to do. You might even find someone to give you a quick hand for five bucks in a back alley, but don’t expect much more than that. Well, it’s sex somehow, isn’t it?

For a better thing you find Meat Puppet Parlors, mostly owned by the Yakuza in Touristville or all over the plex in any other red light district. You pay fifty bucks an hour to mess around with a Nadia Daviar meat puppet if you like. It’s the best you can get on the street.

The escorts are much too expensive and usually don’t mess around with boys or girls on the streets. They cash a hundred or more an hour for their service, but that’s usually way out of reach for someone living in the Nest, especially to get them down into the Barrens or even Touristville.

If you are looking for love, you can try to hit on one of the girls or boys living in the hood. But it’s not easy as you think. Others may be jealous or they don’t like to mess around and are not looking for a quicky for they don’t want to mess around with their reputation. So that’s usually much more complicated than simple sex. For those of you that didn’t heard of it, the people outside call that a relationship or going steady or going stuck as some say.

Ah! And for everyone that needs a little bit of extra thrill, there are nasty STD you can catch.


Jay! Drugs! People love the quick hit that let you forget about the depressing reality of life. You can slot a Dreamchip or other BTL or can take one of the newest chemical or alchemical brainbenders that are on the market. If you are looking for something new, take a trip with Flipside, the new recreational drug, if you can afford it. It is forbidden to deal with drugs in the Nest, to take some is your own problem, as long as you don’t become a problem for your neighbors and you pay up the community tax.

For those with less money to spend the Rusty Barrel has always open doors, where you can shot yourself down with the potéen Growler has to offer for a couple of bucks. And this does the job well, believe me. Most of the Nest will come to the Barrel after work, because it’s also a place to chill and listen to some music.


Rat’s Nest


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