Type Protosapient AI
Age 7 years (born 2064)
Attributes Force 4, Matrix Ini Force x 2, IP 3
Cognition Sapience
0 Reacts entirely by instinct
1 Can discern between individuals or objects
2 Can lay simple traps or ambushes, can navigate simple mazes
3 Can open a door or mimic some other physical action after seeing it
4 Simple tool use/problem solving
5 Able to learn and use limited languages to communicate simple concepts
6 Complex tool use/problem solving Highly developed pattern recognition and analysis on a subconscious level
Vocabular Existential: HUNGER/EAT/DRINK
Time: WISH
Ethics: ME/MINE, YOU/YOURS, HE/HIS, TOGETHER, SHAME, TRUTH/LYING, PROMISE/SWEAR “by my code”/“Glitzy-swear” /w fingers crossed
Objects: everything that is modeled is named. Like FLOWER, GECKO, SPIDER. The PIXIES have Names like the colors of their hair. MAGENTA for example. Pixies are the only Objects that can actually talk.
Base Skills Pixie Attributes LOG/AGI/DP F+2, CHA/STR/ATT F-1 WIL/BOD/FW F-1 INT/REA/SLEAZE F
Skills Computer 2, Cybercombat 1, Electronic Warfare
Pixie common Computer(Perception) 2, Cybercombat 2
Pixie Skills Magenta ♀: Performance(Fiddle) 2, Con 2, Negotiation 1, Palming 2, Electronic Warfare 2 (EW+INT vs INT+DP)
Knowledge: Bioids 1 (Knowing human behaviour), Read and Write
Qualities: Phobia(Mirrors)
Attractive-Marker: Musical, Playful(colors)
Freak-Marker: tamed, sourcerer, linguistic
Pixie “Witch” Magic:
“Song of Light and Fog” EW
Resonance Veil “Illusion” (Stealth EW)
Free Karma -2
Cyan ♂: Unarmed Combat 2
Emerald ♀: (Nick)
Knowledge: Campfire stories 1
Attractive-Marker: Adaptive Coloration
Moss ♀: (Ben)
Freak-Marker: Translucent
Known Marker (f)=freak (a)=attractive
Looks: color (a), texture, material(f), hair(a), scales(f), spikes(f)
Attributes: big/small, strong/weak, deft/clumsy, fat/skinny, slow/fast, reactive/dozy, smart/dumb, charismatic/dork, intuitive/oblivious, determined/tentative
Interests: poetry, music(singing, dancing), fairy-tales, animals, sex, breeding, plants, weapons, hunting grounds (nodes), traveling, carbonides(f), riding(animals(a), drones(f)! → Ewar-Marker), seeds
Ingestion: carnivorous, vegetarian
Social: talkative, playful, dominant, linguistic(f, means lying, also reading), truthful, caring, helpful, tamed/domesticated(f → outcast)
Behavior: sneaky, aggressive, gutsy, stoic, unyielding, resolute, decisive, nosy, competitive, blood-lusty, pacifistic(f)
Skills: con (f, needs linguistic marker), unarmed combat (a), eletronic warfare (f, needs sourcerer), hunting (a), gymnastics (a), movement (a), artisan(tinkering, armorer), piloting, cultivation, traps, tactics, performance, sneaking, palming, disguise, etc.
Nodes Needed 4 × 2^(Force-1) (32 at current force of 4) of average level 3 nodes or lot’s of smaller ones, but a minimum of Force x 1, Force-1 × 2, Force-2 × 4, … nodes
Positive Qualities Designer (Nodes 1 bonus to Dataprocessing and 2 Noise Reduction, if Image Stream/Cam is available, add 2 noise to all image streams), Animator, Datavore(Image Streams), Fnord+Rootkit, Redundancy, Sapper, Intuitive Hacking(Exploit)
Negative Qualities Real World Naivité
Programs Edit, Toolbox(ref. Designer), Signal Scrub (ref. Designer), Exploit, Lockdown, Stealth, Wrapper
Knowledge Biology, Anatomy, Artisan: AR Critter Design, Artisan: AR Architecture
Tamed by Glitzy aka Saphira, Fynn, Zachery

Also see EVO Creatures

EVO the proto AI

(not to be confused with Evo, the AAA concern)

You have turned on your AR and enter her small flat. Vines have been crawling up the ceiling and are hanging down from the lamp in the middle of the room. In the vines there are orchid flowers and the air is thick with humid moisture of flowery scent and decay. They seem to grow out of the processing cores of every device in the room.

Between the “pots”, ant streets meander through the different plants, and ants collect dead tissue. Beelike insects with psychedelic colored wings fly from flower to flower as the ants, too, get the nectar that is offered by them.

A bee is caught in a net of a large spider that is wrapping the insect up and starts to feed from it while a little gecko is crawling up the wall, trying to get into a position to eat the spider. In the walls there are cracks that are used by the growing vines to get into the next room, trying to capture the next device in its range. A vine has – virtually in AR – broken the pipe on the ceiling and a warm splutter of water is falling down from there like a mix of rain and waterfall.

What is EVO

It’s a simulation of a living eco system in your appartment. To get the needed processing power it has harmless little infiltration routines implemented that autohack simple devices and use their free resources to start a new core. Once planned as an art project of Glitzy in Hong Kong before the crash, it changed its attitude and complexity after the crash.

She still believes it’s her code that’s running but EVO is an E-awakend being on a subconcious level. Sometimes you might have the impression EVO is much more sentient than you first thought but it is of course not. The single parts of it are quite primitive, it is a kind of toy.

In fact it is changing its complexity due to the inhomogen processing capabilities of his environment. The more complex and interesting, the more interesting EVO seems to become. It seems to feed from good ideas and inspirational input from its human hosts. So you feed it with designs of nice features, animals and other creative stuff up to noise and details. It takes it and inserts it into its code somewhere.

What his main goal is, is unclear, it’s just growing and taking over devices. It’s not destructive to its environment – once it was but it learned that it is living better if it’s not destructive. You have the impression that it’s watching you after a while. Maybe it likes or dislikes you, but that is of course just your impression. A simple program can’t feel anything.

The simulation is a big eco system of feeding, eating and getting eaten. Of collectors and hunters of prey and builders, of destructors and some kind of weird art system.

Glitzy sometimes takes a seed of it as a present to friends. If EVO survives in their environment or dies is on their head. But it seems the seed is somehow connected to the rest. Sometimes EVO enters your commlink. It only does that if it likes you. Of course your commlink first shows some dysfunction, but it gets better after a while. It’s not a malware in the usual sense. Of course it’s eating ressources but it gives something for it.

Glitzy herself still believes it is her code. But she has not committed code herself for years, just design and ideas, maybe because she believes she would spoil the system and it’s much more interesting to watch and see where it is going alone. She doesn’t like to change something wonderful, as she never would spray a graffiti over a masterpiece.


Started to awaken 2064 in Hong Kong EVO was kept alive by Glitzy. It is a very slowly spreading system that often gets beaten and destroyed by its surroundings, so it does not have inherently more aura of being dangerous as an indoor plant.

After moving to Seattle in the early ’71 EVO had hard times surviving cause Glitzy had no sufficient infrastructure to offer for living. But she managed to live at the flat of a befriended mage who was living in an upperclass appartment where EVO first blossomed (not just figurately spoken). The whole house system was soon conquered by it, but she had to move out after a small thing with Russian Mobsters, that Neil was involved in.

At her new place in Snohomish, EVO has a lot of problems, cause the system is matrixwise just a hand above squatter level and she still has to build up a living environment. So she decided to give a seed to Splash, not knowing she was a technomancer at that time. Splash herself is a bit reality impaired and when EVO was growing over her survailance camera on top of the door of her container at the Nest, she decided to manipulate the code.

Before she understood that this code was indeed a living being it was too late. She infected EVO with a techno-variant of a virus, since then “Evil-EVO” that is showing black vines in a tattoo tribal style is destructively and aggressively growing all over her container, trying to reach out to the infrastructure of the Nest like evil weed. Touching it has drawn a couple of people into the UV Host of the Warsaw Ghetto. Evil-EVO has since been eradicated from the Nest.

March 2071
EVO has met and befriended Zachery and it built up a connection to him that for has ended with Zach being blind and using parts of EVO as eyes with varying success. EVO has evolved quite a bit since it made contact with Zach and has now the ability to communicate with simple words. The pixies have learned to make and use simple tools and may or may not evolve into a new species after they started to lay their eggs into geckos they have killed instead of using plants.

July 2071
The Pixies were missing for a few days, in pupation. From their cocoons were hatching the pubescent forms of their once pixie larva form. Their colors were brighter now, their bodies more slender, about halve the pixie population hatched as a male form, the rest remained female. They got primary sexual organs and the females now had gotten little breasts.

Magenta ♀ form (Hanno)
Cyan ♂ form (Hanno)
Emerald ♀ (Nick) credits
Turquoise ♂ (Jennifer)
Moss ♀ (Ben)




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