Glitzy's Farmhouse


Type small lodge
Qualities Animal Lover Three, Homegrown Farming, No More Neighbors, Outbildings 1, Quiet Neighborhood, Rural Home, Workplace
Disgruntled Servie, Defective CHN, Green Plan, Network Bottleneck, Patchwork Engeineering, Unreliable Security 5, Static Environment
Comforts middle
Entertainment low
Necessities middle
Neighborhood low (Snohomish)
Security middle
Lifestyle Average Low

!A quiet place. Snoqualmie, WA. by m.wriston!

At an air-line distance of ten kilometres or twenty minutes and fifteen kilometres by road north of the Rat’s Nest you find the small farmhouse that was taken into posession by Glitzy around December ’71.

It’s a small cabin or hunting lodge, in the middle of nowhere, means at the edge of sparse living quarters to the Lord Hills park north of the nest and five kilometres west of Monroe. It’s half buried in the woods, a bit away from the muddy road that was definitely unmaintained since the second Crash.

It has no connection to the outside and even Matrix is hard to get from Monroe because the hills are shadowing the service. It has a small greenhouse in the back yard where the owner seem to have grown some weed and other stuff that are hardly legal. In a shed a bit into the woods she found Erlenmeyer flasks and other chemical supplies as well as left behind – chemicals that point to a history that this place was used as an illegal meth-lab.

Under the house she found a ladder that leads to a small bunker and that was the moment she understood that this has once been the house of a survivalist and paranoid methfreak. Apart from its dark past the house was still in considerably good shape, so she decided to scratch it from the realtor’s list, who had tried to sell it for years, with a quick hack and declared it her home.

With 40 squaremeters living space, a kitchen, and small workbench, a bath upstairs and two bedrooms it’s sufficient. Additional she has a large and sunny terrace with a left behind barbeque grill and a garage that doubles as a hobby room below that.

The house was owned by a family of raccoons and in the backyard she found some traces of bikes and a camp fire, where a go-gang had a good time, beer cans all around and the yard was trashed with lots of stuff.

Together with Neil she decided this would make a good place and started to get rid of the bugs, repaired some of the windows and burned the bug ridden furniture.

Snohomish firstfloor

The Bunker

Below the farmhouse the weirdos of survivalists had built a bunker, six meters below the surface, with everything to survive a nuclear winter, well it has six bunks, a couple of shelves with food, a water tank, filtered air duct system and non-hackable security for the door. Means heavy duty steel lock. The bunker has two rooms each with a bit less than 20 square meters of living space. Which would be not so much fun if you try to survive a nuclear winter in it for thirty years.

Half down the shaft there is a locked metal door in the wall to the side, behind which there might be additional space for food or storage or a hidden escape tunnel to somewhere in the woods.

Glitzy doesn’t like her bunker, for she feels trapped in it. But she has set up some tools and a small desktop forge down there, so the don’t get stolen and HIC, her CHN (Central Home Node) resides there as well as some other technical stuff for the house. The entrance is hidden below the stairs from the living room. Not good enough hidden for a close search, though, because you can’t hide such a thing too well. But she did the best she could.

So she’s using it as a guest room, a working place and a place to store her food. It’s more a practical cellar for her than a bunker. Since the heat was going up, she set up a reasonable high level ward down below, to shield off magical search and uses the room for an out-of-the-box safe-house.


The cheap HCN of the house calls himself “HIC” (Home Interface Computer) and acts a bit weird. But he manages the systems correctly and because the whole installation had been planned by a survivalist it’s almost self-sufficient. She has set up some auxillary matrix systems since and a satellite dish. Yet she has not established a working and efficient matrix connection. She has indeed managed to hack into the normal map by the transmitter of some of her neighbors that had run their spots on passive mode, but it is slow and she has gotten quite frustrated with that.



Glitzy's Farmhouse

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