Unusually for the Barrens, the Rat’s Nest is a hot place in the Matrix. This is thanks to a group of hackers who have made their home there and maintain the Rats Nest Server.


Matrix Socialatrices

  • Faye Event Manager for all the Matrix Socialatrices
  • Cerise VR eXXXperience Artist
  • Kimba VR eXXXperience Artist
  • Samantha VR eXXXperience Artist

August 2071

  • Ningbo abandons the Nest when the hackers are raided by the Celavies, taking the hacker’s money with him. He has so far not turned up again and would not be welcome if he did. Except in the cess pool. Kimba also leaves the Nest, although under less dramatic circumstances. There have been rumors about her dealing with Tempo before which may or may not have something to do with this.

Rat’s Nest
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