Kabuki Ronin

Kabuki Ronin

Type: Thrill-Gang
Turf: Everett Docks
Colours: White tattooed heads and long black tails on top of their bald heads, hanging long and proud over their backs
Members: some Japanese, most not
Size: small to medium
Activities: BTL and drug trade, thrill-trashing
Enemies: Mafia
Friends: Yakuza, word on the street says the go well with the Scatterbrains
Business relations: everybody that pays or offers enough brain-benders
Gangmembers: Kabuki Ronin Thug

The Kabuki Ronin ravage town on battle-bikes, wearing ancient Japanese samurai armor and traditional Japanese weapons – or what they think is cool enough and fits in the mix. So they not only use katana but spiked maces, chains and everything that fits their style and promises to be big fun while bashing heads. They love the violent horror-show and the police are scared shitless when they have to face the drug-addicted gang on the street with less than double manpower to stop them.

If they got their hands on combat drugs it’s even worse than their normal trashing. It would be a lot better if they would just smash heads and not act like in cheap Hong-Kong eastern flicks. Even the Yakuza hesitates before they hire them, if not for distraction or for making a messy statement without the need to step into the light for it. But they are good for burning streets and lots of chopped bodies on the way.

The Scrappers crossed their path first at the Safehouse, Tacoma-Five.





“My sacred katana will swipe the disgrace of your existance from face of earth – unworthy worm – and wash it clean with your blood! Haaaaaaai!!!”

Kabuki Ronin

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