Class AAA Megacon
World Headquarters Kyoto, Japan
President/CEO Toshiro Mitsuhama
Chairman of the Board Samba Oi
Corporate Status Public corporation
Major Shareholders Eiji Yakamura(20%), Samba Oi(13%), Yuriyasu Shin (11%) Oguramaro Saigusa (10%), Akae Uehara (10%)

Mitsuhama Computer Technologies is based in Kyoto, and is one of three japanese tripple AAA concerns.
After Japan, MCT puts his emphasis on the – japanese dominated – Freestate California, but is, of course, a global player. MCT is world class in computers, robotics, heavy industry and magic products. MCT pays runner and other freelancers extremly well, but is know for his zero-tolerance-policy and his revengefulness.

Subsidiaries of MCT

Mitsubishi Gurūpu Global Holding


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