Rat's Nest

We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us. Charles Bukowski

The Rat’s Nest is a squatter settlement in the worst part of the Barrens, right at the landfill. People there live in shipping containers and makeshift plastic homes and make a living by recycling everything that gets thrown away.

!Rat's Nest !

People of the Rat’s Nest:

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,,Rat's Nestt

Locations at the Rat’s Nest:


Most of the Nests inhabitants are humans or orks. There is quite a large dwarf community, only matched by the one in the Ork Underground.

Race Percentage
Human 50%
Ork 28%
Dwarf 18%
Elf 2%
Troll 1%
Other 1%
Ethnic Percentage
Caucasian 35%
Asian 30%
Latino 25%
Other 10%


Language Percentage
English 80%
Vietnamese 25%
Spanish 20%
Cantonese 20%
Gaelic 10%
Mandarin 5%
Other 5%

Most of the Latinos also speak English, only half of the Asian population speaks a second language. Gaelic has spread among the Irish population. Many of the Irish are opposing the elves taking over their homeland, Tir Na Nog. So you find very few Sperethiel speaking elves among them. Therefore the relatively neutral relationship to the Ancients is very shaky when it comes to that issue.


There are no known inhabitant that have magic capabilities, other than the rumors and media propaganda that every inhabitant of the Rats Nest must be a rat shaman. The only known magical active persons in the Nest are Neil Munroe, and even he is not a full mage but just a conjurer adept, and Maggie who is a physical adept. People in the Nest are not scanned for magic, but if they show magical talent, they surely take the ticket to get out of there in childhood. Which rarely happens anyway.


The community has its own matrix hub which is supported by the local hacker and techcommunity. The strong Techwiz community maintains the infrastructure and the whole Nest is a real lightshow in the Matrix, with strong AR. Spamming is forbidden. Its net is unusually tight for a remote spot like that.

There are no known technomancers except the young technomancer Splash, which is a secret kept by her and very few friends. And she is a newcomer who only slowly starts to work on the infrastructure of the Nest.


The Rats-Nest-Law is declared by the Committee and executed by the Scrappers.


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Rat's Nest

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