The Law of the Nest

There are very few laws, but as in every community there has to be one. Rules and punishment that that will be executed to keep the community alive. Many of the inhabitants are thieves, beggars or worse. This is tolerated as long as the people don’t use their skills inside the community.

Crime Punishment
stealing depending on the cirumstances a fine to outlaw
stealing a commlink death
stealing a ride death
stealing from the Clinic loss of health care at first offence, plus fine to outlaw
spamming confiscating the hardware involved up to outlaw
first degree murder death
burglary bath to outlaw to death
begging bath in cesspit at the banks of Snoqualmie River
dealing drugs professionally bath, death in case of Tempo

The list is by far not complete. Over the years the law of the Nest has grown long and complicated with some exceptions and special circumstances and it’s a good thing if you live in the Nest and know the law.

The hard punishment for stealing commlinks or rides is quite understandable. Those two kind of tools are extremely expensive for the inhabitants and not only mean that most of their excess money was spend for it, it’s most often the basis for their livelihood. The basis for their existance. Some of the hackers in the community provide a “free commlinks for the needy”-policy where commlinks found in the garbage are made ready for work again for those people without. It is still a major crime to pinch one, punished by death in consense of the community.

Not all punishment is by death. A lot more of the punishments are fun for all people who witness and are humiliating for the culprit. The ‘bath’ in the cesspit is not the easy way out, although a lot of people think so at first. It can be deadly, especially if people can’t swim or start screaming, swallowing the slurry. It’s hard to swim and throw up at the same time.

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