Rats Nest Server

Rat’s Nest Server

It’s an open secret that you can get a jack inside the Nest. While most of the Redmond Barrens has a static Matrix, the local techwiz have set up their own system. Based on scavenged nexi, mostly run on cheap and hidden Renraku Hotspots and a secret Renraku Retailer Hub that acts as one of the many ShadowSEA nodes, run by Ningbo. The existence of the latter is only known to the hackers, while the rest of the nodes act as the technological backbone for the business of the Nest. Every small business runs one of the nodes; the garage, Neil’s shadow clinic, the Rusty Barrel, the socialatrices, the restaurant, the Chinese community center (which also hosts some public terminals) and the traders all have at least one. So there are enough jackpoints for the people to run their lives. Additionally the techies have installed a network of smaller devices that are spread everywhere so the Matrix is unusually tight for a place like this. Latest addon to the network is the RatsXpress with a server for the Post Office.

You get access to the matrix either from the public access Node or from one of the private nodes that mostly run the infrastructure around here. Matrix is for free, which means it’s payed by the local “taxes”, but you have to register your account. Guests get their access at the Chinese community center and have to pay for the service at the public access point per minute.

There is no spam in the Rat’s Nest.

The iconography changes from host to host and is designed by the local admins or just stolen from somewhere else in the grid according to the imagination of their owners. AillĂ©n O’Brian has made some of the better ones.

So there is not one big host that represents the Nest but a huge network of very small ones that web together in a multicultural Gordian Knot, that even the Hackers of the Rat’s Nest don’t know completely. Some nodes consist just of toasters, of lost web-cams or dysfunctional drone cores, of wasted commlinks or even just a stash of RFID tags that somebody made his data storage.

The Rat’s Nest is a glowing hot spot of technology inside the static darkness all around. The moment you get your account the static silence around awakes to a mind-bending brightness of light and activity.

Because the Rat’s Nest is not connected well to the outside world, it suffers the usual -2 dice for being public grid. That’s the price for a Frankenstein system, that is rigged together in a nightmare of hidden nodes, infrared connections and hot glued microwave radio relays and stolen commlinks that are used as bulletin boards or AR transmitters. Anyway those stolen tech is cheaper than the real stuff. It’s nothing you have to buy, you just have to steal it, copy it, that’s all. It’s not one of those stylish corporate cleaned power-sites. It’s grown and has a unique flair, that especially technomancers might find cozy. “It’s the real spirit of the matrix”, one of the hackers had pointed out.

February 2071

The main servers of the Rat’s Nest have been destroyed in a hit, after the First Nations coerced the Nest to give them a basis of operations during their war with the Crimson Crush. Someone did not like that at all and took out the containers of the hackers, the clinic and the bridge.

Rats Nest Server

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