The ShadowSea is a data haven in Seattle and a favoured hangout of shadowrunners. Access is invitation-based, someone has to vouch for you. Once you’re in, you get to enjoy several nodes with different attractions.

The main node offers a shadow wiki, lots of blogs/vlogs, shadow auctions and the ShadowSea Wizard, a virtual job agent for shadowrunners.



Olympus is a place for private conversations. Meet people here and talk business while enjoying a view of your choice.

The Sound

The Sound is one of two virtual clubs. It can be a bit disorienting at first and some people get lost every single time, but actually, that’s part of the attraction. The club is a maze of rooms filled with automata and mechanical toys, some rooms can only be reached via ropeways or slides. The biggest room is completely filled by a giant carousel with three counter-rotating platforms and a calliope. The carousel can be used as intended, but it also offers access to private rooms. Just pick an animal to ride and then your preference from the menu.

The Fury
The Pit Just to give you an idea of scale The Daleks revisited

The Fury caters to the Steampunk crowd. Entry is through The Pit and it’s always an event when a newbie arrives – even fully aware that it’s just VR, jumping in goes against all instincts. After a short fall through utter darkness, guests arrive in the club itself, modelled after a Victorian water works. The layout is less disorienting than that of The Sound, but also more public. This is the club you go to to see and be seen.

People you may meet here:




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